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   Chapter 458 Waking Up

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The operation was going on very well.

Even at this time, the people outside were really worried, but the nurses coming out were all in a hurry, and no one dared to disturb them. They were afraid that if they disturbed these people, Jeremy would be in danger.

"Don't panic. Everything will be fine."

Although Sherry could panic, it didn't mean that the people around her could also panic.

Steve had been comforting Sherry all the time. But in fact, even Steve's hands were trembling when Sherry couldn't see. Although he should be confident in his friend, it was not in the case of Jeremy.

"Can you ask your people to take the two kids to rest first? I'll wait here."

When Sherry spoke, her voice was a little hoarse.

However, Sherry couldn't help but make herself selfish.

It was enough for Jeremy to have her. The two children were too young to bear such a thing.

So the two kids should be taken away before they realized what had happened.

Lucas wanted to say something, but was pinched by Kami secretly.

Kami knew what kind of state Sherry was in now. Even if they stayed with Sherry now, there would be no change. In this case, it was better to leave at this time, so that he could be mentally prepared.

Although Steve was a little depressed, there was no problem with the order given by Sherry. Steve nodded and asked his men to do as Sherry said.

Seeing Sherry's expression, Steve couldn't help but speak.

"Sherry, I know you are worried about Jeremy, but trust me, he will be fine. You can have a rest first. When Jeremy comes out, you need to take care of him."

In fact, Sherry wanted to stay here.


When Steve said this, Sherry found that people around her, who she didn't know or she knew, were looking at her.


At last, Sherry had no choice but to nod and agree to his condition.

When Sherry woke up, Jeremy was already in the ICU.

When Steve saw Sherry, he forced a smile to her and then said to her, "I don't know what you are thinking now, but I need someone to take care of Jeremy. I've arranged the children for you. You can go in and talk to him more when you can visit him."

"Jeremy can do so much for you this time, at least it means that he still has you in his heart. Just do as I say. If you tell him more about your past, maybe he will wake up. "

Steve looked so upset when he said these words.

Not long after Steve left, Sherry saw another person she was not willing to face now, Jeffery!

"Sister, is there anything wrong with my brother Jeremy?"

When Jeffery saw Sherry, his heart ached to the extreme.

Since Jeremy didn't know how to cherish Sherry, why couldn't he just let her go? He didn't know how to cherish her. Now there were still many people waiting in line for Sherry.

"Yes, everything will be fine."


you could wake up, I would never leave again. Don't you want to see me now? Otherwise, why can't you talk to me when I miss you so much?"

Looking at Jeremy on the bed, Sherry said in a muffled tone.

For Sherry, Jeremy had always been an important man in her heart.

The relationship between the two people had worsened before, but Sherry had never really forgotten the man, Jeremy. On the contrary, every time she saw this man, whether it was love or hatred, in Sherry's heart, the traces of Jeremy had deepened.


When Sherry first heard this voice, she thought she had misheard, but when she raised her head, she saw that Jeremy was looking at her with his eyes wide open.

Sherry looked at the man in surprise and asked, "You really wake up."

Only Sherry herself knew how much she hoped to see this man wake up.

With a bitter smile, Jeremy said, "Silly girl, shouldn't you call the doctor at this time?"

When Sherry shot, Jeremy had been in a tense state. It was because Jeremy had been well prepared that he avoided a fatal blow in a real sense.

"I... I'll call the doctor now! "

Looking at Jeremy, Sherry rang the bedside bell in a hurry.

If they had time, they would have to treat Steve a meal when Jeremy was completely recovered.

The man just said that Jeremy would wake up, and then Jeremy could talk to her now. What a surprise for Sherry.

The doctors arrived very soon. After checking the condition of Jeremy, they said to Sherry, "There is no big problem with the patient now. He needs to continue to observe for a day. If there is no problem, he can be transferred to a general ward."

The doctor's words gave Sherry a little bit of confidence.

This time, Jeremy should be really fine.

When Sherry looked at Jeremy, the man was grinning at her.

Sherry curled her lips, but in the end, she couldn't help smiling at him.

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