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   Chapter 457 The Injury Of Jeremy

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No matter how hesitant Sherry was before, this time, the cry of the two children was a test of her courage. Sherry had been hesitating before, but now she had finally made up her mind.

A shot hit the target!

Looking at the falling figure of Jeremy, Sherry put down her gun and stared blankly.

Sherry had never thought that she would shoot at another person like this one day.


No matter whether it was an incredible thing for her or not, it really happened in front of her now. It was unbelievable.

"I'm sorry."

Kneeling beside Jeremy, Sherry cried like a child.

"Sherry, don't pretend to be kind. Do you think that this is not what you can do? But now I'm telling you, it was you who shot and destroyed the man in front of you. How do you feel? "

Looking at Sherry on the screen, Linda's heart was full of joy.

In the past, under the protection of so many people, no matter how much she looked down upon Sherry, she could not do anything to her. But now, she suddenly felt that it was not a big deal to be embarrassed in the past.

The moment Steve bumped into the door, he saw the screen on the monitor.

"Take her away."

Without giving Linda a chance to react, Steve asked his men to take her away. When he looked at that guy again, he was still in a complicated and sad mood.

If he had been faster, such a thing wouldn't have happened.

"Uncle, can you save father?" The two children didn't know how to face the current situation, but the two children knew that their father was now lying in a pool of blood.

Even they were frightened by this.


Compared with the injury that Jeremy was suffering now, such a fright was incomparable.

"The medical team has arrived."

Steve held the two children tightly, but this man was also in a bad mood at this time. Even he would not let go of that woman, let alone Jeremy.

"Miss Sherry, let go of him, or we can't escort the patient."

Hearing the voice, Sherry raised her head. The medical team looked at Sherry with cold eyes. They could see the previous scene here. Although this woman was forced to do so, she had shot him and was still crying here, which made people feel bored.

"Uh... Okay. "

At first, Sherry was a little confused, but when she realized what she had done, she became more flustered.

Looking at Sherry like this, Steve still had a complicated feeling.

He had always thought that the story between her and this woman could go on, but in the end, there was still a man named Jeremy between them. Because of this man, there would be no possibility for them to be together.


Kami and Lucas were two smart children. When they came down from Steve, they saw that Sherry looked very depressed. How could they not know each other's mood at this time?

Just because they knew each other well, the two children got close

ry allow herself to continue to refuse Jeremy?

"Sorry... If I die, you can't find another man... "

What Jeremy said made Sherry feel better in an instant.

Sure enough, it seemed that Jeremy would say something like that.

If it weren't for the fact that Jeremy was really weak when he spoke and the big hole in the man's chest, Sherry would even think that Jeremy was still the man she was facing now.


This man's current appearance was not something that was Sherry willing to face.

"Jeremy, I'd rather you continue to quarrel with me. I'd rather you are still the same bad attitude in front of me, but can you not die..."

For the first time.

After coming back, facing this man, Sherry found that she could also cherish him.

"I won't find another man. I only care about you. You are the only man I will have in my life. So, please, you must be good."

Sherry couldn't hold back her tears anymore.


After saying that, Jeremy even had no strength to talk to her.

Looking at Jeremy, Sherry felt the same heartache, but there were a lot of words that could not be said at this time.

"Sherry, he will be fine. Calm down."

Steve followed Sherry with a long face.

Originally, they were just two people's feelings, but now these two people looked the same embarrassed.

When Steve followed her, he had unspeakable helplessness.

Lucas and Kami stood aside as if they had done something wrong.


Sherry knew that no matter what had happened before, it had nothing to do with these two children.

What happened between adults shouldn't have anything to do with the child at all.

Holding the hands of the two children, Sherry's eyes became more determined.

Just let it go on like this. After Jeremy was recovered, the family could be together.

Although Sherry thought so, some people won't wait for you until you knew how to cherish them.

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