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"Jeremy, are you crazy?"

On the other side, Steve felt that he couldn't stay there any longer. The man over there must not be the one he knew. Otherwise, how could a man like Jeremy say something like that?

"Sherry, listen to me. The reason why we two got married was that I was bored at that time, and I had to find a woman between you two, so I did such a thing. There's never been a relationship between you and me. "

"I know how you feel now, but I just wanted to make use of you from the very beginning. You know, I was really happy when you left me. You were a big trouble for me, but now this trouble has to be far away from me."

"Sherry, do you know how bad I was when I saw the two children? The two children looked so similar to me when I was young. They must be you who gave birth to them, they're my children."

"Yes... I don't know why you still want to give birth to a baby after you left. Are you thinking that you can retrieve our relationship? It's impossible! "

Jeremy said word by word.

Jeremy knew that it was impossible for Sherry to shoot at this time.

Therefore, at this time, Jeremy had to help this woman. Only when he spoke could he make Sherry do the thing that would satisfy Linda faster.

"Shut up!"

Sherry wiped the tears from her eyes. Although she had thought about whether the feelings between the two were just her own wishful thinking, when she was really said by Jeremy in front of her, she could still feel her collapse.

Didn't Jeremy know how much he had done in this relationship?

Anyway, he shouldn't have treated herself like this.


How could he say something like that at this time.

Now that Linda was here, he must want to make Linda feel that their relationship was not good. At this time, Jeremy said something like that.

At this time, Sherry could only comfort herself in this way.

"I just want to tell you. Sherry, do you know what the biggest problem in your life is that sometimes you take yourself too much as a thing. Unfortunately, in many people's eyes, you are nothing. "

Besides, look at the men around you. Which good woman has so many men around her? These are all your problems. Sherry, you are a shameless woman. Tell me, what's wrong with you, the two men Steve and Chester? "

"By the way, there should be another man named Jeffery. I really can't understand a woman like you. Since we have nothing to do with each other, why don't you just give him a child? "

What Jeremy said went too far.


At this time, when Sherry heard these words, she was very irritable.

"Shut up!"


This time, Sherry really shot, but not targeted the man, but shot the roof. Although it was only one shot, it could stil

erself to look at them and didn't know what else she could say.


What kind of mood could she have to do such a thing?

"Sherry, I didn't expect that you are still so indecisive after such a long time. In fact, you can aim at the gun just now, but you don't know what to do with this man."

When Sherry stood still and foolishly looked at Jeremy who was standing there, Linda came out to show her existence again.

According to Jeremy's personality, he must be a little irritable when he heard what Linda said.


At this time, even if Jeremy was listening to this annoying woman, he could still keep a calm posture.

"Since you can't do it, I can help you. I'll show you something. After you finish reading it, I think you can do it."

Linda found a folder from the computer and sent it out.

Not to mention Sherry and Jeremy, even Lucas and Kami were shocked when they saw the content.

In the video, they just arrived at this place. No one knew that Linda had recorded a video at that time.

"Mommy, help!"

"Boo... Hoo I'm so scared... "

What Sherry saw was the flustered look of the two children on the big screen.

Sherry looked at the child inside without blinking. Although they had just been apart for a short time, for Sherry now, they seemed to have been separated for a century.

"Sherry, the two children are in my hands now. In this case, they can still think of their mother. You educated them well, but you should know the consequences of not doing as I said. If you still don't move as now, I will definitely let you see the consequences. What do you think I should do with these two children? "

Linda's words were a catalyst at this moment.

Sherry, who had been hesitating before, now looked firm. She slowly stood up and picked up the gun on the ground.

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