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   Chapter 455 Linda's Demand

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"Then, what else do you need us to do?"

Perhaps it was because Jeremy was by her side, Sherry instinctively asked her to rely on this man, and at this time, she undisguisedly expressed her eagerness in front of him.

"Don't be hurried. There are many boxes on the stage, and there is something in one box. Go, Sherry."

Although Jeremy was worried, he could only let Sherry take action alone at this time.


At this time, Jeremy had no idea what Linda wanted to do next.

Sherry was really obedient at this time. No matter what Linda said, she would do as she said without resisting.

At the beginning, Sherry asked herself to take it slow.

However, as time went by, she became flustered.

She opened these boxes one by one, but there was nothing in them, and everyone was empty.

"Don't worry. Take your time."

How could Jeremy not notice the panic of Sherry?

However, at this time, Jeremy could only calm himself down and comfort Sherry.

Maybe it was because of Jeremy. After hearing what he said, she managed to calm down a lot.


At this time, it's a great power to have someone supporting you.

It was the same for Sherry now.

No matter how complicated Sherry's mood was at this time, as long as she looked up, she could see the smile on Jeremy's face. She suddenly felt that it was not so difficult to face the thing she didn't know how to face at first.


Perhaps it was because Sherry was unlucky that she didn't find anything in the boxes. There was only one last box left.

The two, Sherry and Jeremy, were staring at that box.

Sherry could only stand beside the box, without the courage to get close.

Now Sherry didn't trust Linda. She just watched aside and didn't dare to get close to that box.

"Go there!"

It seemed that Linda could see clearly what Sherry was doing now.

"Go ahead."

Sherry was still hesitating, but Jeremy had known something. Although he didn't know who was behind Linda, she was the one giving the orders now.

Therefore, at this time, the most important thing was this woman's emotion. No matter what, he couldn't irritate her.

Even with the support of Jeremy, Sherry still stood there with hesitation. She didn't know if she should really open the box or what was waiting for her.

"Do you think that I won't hurt the two children? Sherry, remember, do as I said, or your children will be in danger."


What Linda said was a threat, but it was the most effective for Sherry.

In Sherry's life, the two children now were her everything.

Therefore, as long as Linda talked about the children, Sherry was definitely the most obedient one.

"Oh my God..."


Before this, Sherry had already made some mental preparations. What Li

that there was a big difference between the current Linda and the original Linda, she still felt shocked when she heard what she said personally.

Now Sherry didn't even know how to face the person in front of her.

Sherry looked at him in silence, unable to say anything.

"Shoot. I'm fine."

Over the years, Jeremy was a man who had suffered a lot.

From the young boy at the beginning to the strong man now, Jeremy never wanted anyone to shoot at him, because it might end his life.


Now when these were placed in front of Jeremy, he didn't expect that he could encourage her to kill him, because only when he died here could he give her and the children some opportunities to escape.

Although Steve was almost done, he hadn't seen the safe children yet.

They had to go on this step, but for Jeremy, he did it for the sake of the children, so he would not regret it.


Looking at Jeremy in front of her, Sherry shook her head stiffly, and unconsciously, her face was filled with tears.

In the past, Sherry had also wondered if she could shoot this man with a gun one day.

After all.

This man had done so many bad things to her, but all the previous irritability seemed to be nothing at this time.

She really didn't know if she could shoot to hurt this man.

When she could really do it, she felt that she could not do it.

It was probably the shock which had brought all the memories flooding back. There were so many past between the two of them. How difficult it was to kill the person she cared about at this time?


Compared with Sherry, Jeremy was much clearer about the situation in front of them, so he encouraged her again at this time. He knew that if he wasted a little time, things could get worse, and the consequences of those things would be something they could not bear at all.

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