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   Chapter 446 You Hate To See Me So Much

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In their plan, most places were enough for people to travel for a month.

However, they only had two days. Why did they have to go to so many places?

"Mommy, we have lived here for such a long time. When we go abroad, the children abroad ask us and we find that we haven't been to many places, then we will be ashamed."

While speaking, Kami winked at Lucas.

This was the plan they had discussed before. They only needed to make Sherry think that it was better for them to stay at home, so they could not go abroad. This was their biggest wish at present.


Most of the time, their dream was perfect.

The reality was the last thing many people wanted to face.


Sherry didn't know what the two kids were thinking about. She just thought that they just wanted to go to these places. Even at the beginning, she would feel a little embarrassed. But when she saw the expectation of the two children, she finally nodded and agreed to the two children's request.

"But you must pay attention to follow me on the way. There are many perverts who like to take children away now. Mommy is afraid that you will get lost."

Although she knew how smart her two children were, she couldn't help reminding them at this time.

No matter how powerful the two children were, they were only two children in the end. If there were really bad guys staring at them, how could the two children be stronger than the bad guys?

"Okay, Mommy."

Recently, Lucas and Kami had been very obedient in front of Sherry, so Sherry didn't notice that these two kids had some tricks.

"Let's go..."

After changing into cute parent-child clothes and seeing that the two little kids were satisfied, Sherry took them out of this place.

After a day, Sherry felt as if she was going crazy.

Once upon a time, it was said that women were the most powerful creatures in the world when it came to shopping.


Sherry sadly found that she was defeated by her two naughty children on such a matter.

Today's plan had been completed, but the two naughty kids suddenly said they wanted to go shopping.

Sherry had always been apologetic to the two children, so at this time, she would not refute the opinions of the two children.

Although she was very tired at this time, after the two children opened their mouths, Sherry still let herself face it with a smile.

As long as the two children wanted to go, Sherry would go with them.

"Mommy, let's have a big dinner tonight. We have searched online and found that there is a nice restaurant here."

At the beginning, Sherry didn't take it seriously, but when she really arrived at that place, Sherry became coward. This restaurant's property of Jeremy, this time should not be as bad as the last time. She might not meet that guy.

Although she was nervous, Sherry would never let the two children down to her.

Then she walked in with the two kids.

"Mommy, are you okay?"

Although the two children were excited, they still cared abo

my, Sherry would feel very uncomfortable.


Sherry had no idea what would happen if she let this man continue to contact with the two children.

Could it be that the two kids called Jeremy dad intimately and then the family reunited?

Sherry couldn't imagine such a scene.

In her heart, no matter what Jeremy said now, Sherry would not believe that this man could treat her and her child well.

Nowadays, Sherry didn't need any wealth or a position that everyone envied.

Sherry's purpose was really simple, that was, to have a real family that belonged to her.

Now that she had done it, she didn't need this man to destroy it.

Unfortunately, the two children were too young, and they would always be tempted by some superficial things. They couldn't see clearly the nature of this man.

That evil nature.


At the beginning, Jeremy didn't say anything. He just looked at Sherry quietly. Sherry had no idea what this man was thinking when he was silent.

It was not until Sherry felt that her back was covered with cold sweat that the man finally spoke.

Although this man only said a simple word, while waiting, Sherry felt that she had experienced a century.

"You two enjoy your meal here and wait for us to come back."

Because it was the property of Jeremy, Sherry didn't worry about whether someone would abduct and traffic children when she was not here. If she could lose her child in such a place, then there was no need for Jeremy to run his hotel.

"What's wrong?"

He didn't know if it was because he knew that the two children were both his, so recently, every time he saw Sherry, Jeremy felt that when he looked at this woman, she gave him such a pleasant feeling.

"Can you stay away from me and my child?"

Sherry didn't know if her words would make this man angry, but in this situation, she had to say something like that. She didn't want this man to appear in front of her every time, disturbing her peaceful life. She really didn't like it!

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