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   Chapter 445 I Want To Be With You

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The second morning, when Sherry woke up, the two children had already gone to school.

When Sherry walked out of the room, rubbing her sleepy eyes, she suddenly realized that there was a person sitting in her room?

"Why are you here?"

When Sherry saw clearly the person who suddenly appeared here, she was still in a confused state.

"Why can't I be here?"

Chester looked at Sherry with a smile.

For him, he really liked the way Sherry behaved when she was confused about everything. She looked very cute in this way.

"Is it because of what happened yesterday?"

The confusion in her mind was only for a short while. After washing her face and coming out, Sherry was much sober.

Chester pointed at the documents on the table and said to Sherry, "This is their school over there, and my schedule and time are all prepared for you. But you have to think about whether to go or not."

When Chester said this, he was very calm.


At this moment, looking at Chester, Sherry couldn't help but cry.

Sherry choked with sobs and said, "I know you are the best to me."

This was Chester. Even if he didn't agree with her on some things, but if she was determined to do so, no matter whether it was true or not, this man would stand behind her and support her.


With Sherry rushed into in his arms, Chester was still a little stiff.

Soon, Sherry realized that her behavior was a little inappropriate. She let go of the man and looked a little embarrassed.

"Well... I'll take you out for dinner. You've made so much trouble for me. I should thank you anyway, shouldn't I? "

Every time when Chester did this, she felt a little embarrassed.

Even if they were friends, he had done too much for her.

"I didn't help you for the sake of gratitude. Well, you and I don't have to pretend. I'm leaving now. Have a look at the things I gave you. Let's have dinner together when you have time."

After saying that, Chester left in a hurry.

At the beginning, Sherry's attention was still on other things, but this time, she finally turned her attention to Chester.


After seeing the other party's face, even Sherry had thought about whether she should say something more. She still kept silent at this time.

Then she stood up and saw him off.

After he left, Sherry shrank on the sofa alone and began to think about something.

Sherry didn't know if she had thought too much. She always felt that Jeremy had a very intense reaction to her decision this time. The reason why he still helped her was just because that man had always been used to it.

For so many years, Sherry was easy to rely on others, and this time, there was no change.

At this time, out of instinct, she asked herself to think carefully and seriously why Chester had such a reaction at this time. Did she really do something wrong.

Although she had thought it c


"No matter who they are, I can take the responsibility if there is any problem in the future. I have something to do in the next three days and don't need any schedule. Just do as I said."

Even if there was anything else that Ina wanted to say at this time, after hearing Sherry's firm attitude when she spoke, she knew that even if she said something later, Sherry would definitely not listen to her.

Finally, she gave up and said, "Okay, I'll do as you say."

What Sherry wanted to do now was to give herself enough time to get along with the two children. Otherwise, she didn't know if the two children would feel regret when they recalled it later.

In the room.

The two kids didn't play anything, but looked depressed.

"Why can't Mommy tell us when something happens? I'm so worried when I see mommy's face. What is it that makes us two have to leave?"

Lying on the bed, Kami still looked depressed and said to Lucas beside him.

"If mommy can tell us, she won't let us go abroad, right? But without us by her side, can Mommy really go abroad alone?"

Lucas was also worried.

Although many people felt that Sherry was omnipotent, Lucas and Kami knew that their mommy was not as powerful as others said, and she also needed someone to protect her.

"Don't think about those useless things now. Even if we leave, Mommy will definitely protect herself. Our mommy is so powerful."

Lucas said confidently when Kami was still depressed.

Kami also nodded confidently, "Yes, our mommy is the best mommy in the world!"

the second day.

With a devastated look on her face, Sherry looked at the two children and asked, "Are we going to so many places?"

Although Sherry had said that she could go with the two children wherever they wanted to go.


Now that when she really saw the plan given by these two naughty children, Sherry still felt that her whole mood was a little collapsed.

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