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   Chapter 440 Are You Afraid Of Women

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"Yes, but you'd better not drink with a group of men you don't know in the future. I know you have difficulty in work now, and I will help you pay attention to if there is a suitable position for you. But a girl still has to take care of herself."

Steve said with a smile.

On the other side, Zoe had sensed that something was wrong after hearing what the other party said, but before she could remind her, the last words of Linda had completely made Zoe at a loss.

"Yes, I really don't want to see those old men anymore."

Steve smiled mysteriously.

Sure enough, there should be someone else's behind this woman. It's so simple that she was trapped. How could such a stupid woman think of calculating him?


He really needed to find out who was behind Linda.

Zoe packed up her things and left. Even if Linda would be useful in the future, Steve was obviously well prepared now. It was not safe to stay here all the time.

Linda was a complete idiot.

Could she relax her vigilance when facing a man she liked?

The relationship between Linda and Steve should have been a conspiracy, so whether they had the chance to go on or not at this time depended on the IQ of the two people. However, Steve won.

Steve chatted casually with Linda.

After getting what he wanted, Steve had nothing to care about.

Linda didn't hear any sound from the earphone. She thought she must have done nothing wrong, so Zoe didn't say anything.

The two didn't talk for a long time, and Jeremy came in from nowhere.

The moment she saw Jeremy, Linda couldn't keep calm anymore.

Wasn't this a chitchat between the two of them? Why did Jeremy appear at this time?

As if he had just realized something, Steve said apologetically to Linda, "I'm sorry. I've made an appointment with him to talk about business. Since we've made it clear, I'll handle it later. You can leave now."

The plot was totally different from what Linda thought.

Shouldn't she be so pitiful at this time? Shouldn't she get the pity of this man and finally the two succeed in being together?

Jeremy sat down calmly.

The two of them had been good friends for many years and had a tacit understanding.

The moment Jeremy sat down, Linda realized what was wrong. She looked like an extra person now.

Even if Linda was thick skinned, she couldn't stay in such a situation.

Since it was acting, it was all about making a complete set. Jeremy really took out a contract and began to read it carefully.

This contract was exactly used for the cooperation with Steve.

At the beginning, Steve was a little depressed, but later, Steve's mood also became much higher than before. He began to seriously discuss some details with Jeremy.

Many people in the restaurant recogni

ame. But since he is my friend's woman, I can't get close to her no matter how much I like her. "

Although Steve was a playboy, he had his own principles.

The boundaries in Jeremy's heart before collapsed because of Steve's words.

After Jeremy had no defense in his heart, he was still facing his own friend, so he could share it with him at any time.

Word by word came out of Jeremy's mouth.

It was all about what happened between him and Sherry. Steve listened to him silently and felt sad.

Looking at Jeremy, he said seriously, "If you two have been married, I won't let you two continue to be together. Although I don't have a good reputation all the time, what you are talking about now is that what you have done is a complete scum from my point of view. I really don't understand why you don't cherish Sherry. "

Steve looked disappointed.

Sometimes, life was unfair.

Some people might have already known what you tried so hard to get, but they still didn't know how to cherish it.

"What happened between you and Sherry about that scandal? I have told you everything between us. Now it's time to tell me what happened between you and her."

When Jeremy said these words, he looked at Steve seriously.

Unexpectedly, Steve shook his head without thinking and said, "I have never promised you anything, and it was you willing to tell me about those things. I didn't force you to do anything, right? If you want to know something from me now, you should at least exchange something."

Steve's attitude was obvious now. 'I'm setting you up. Bite me if you can!' Steve thought.

At the beginning, Jeremy was a little confused. Why did this guy change so much?

Later, Jeremy figured out that Steve was very angry. Now perhaps he was looking for an excuse to vent his anger, and now he vented his anger on Jeremy.

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