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   Chapter 437 Fifty Million

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Adam was in a bad mood now. However, even if he got angry here, it could not solve the problem.

The money was in Jeremy's hand, and he didn't want to give it to him. What could he do?

Zoe thought for a while and said, "Father, you'd better go to find Sherry. Since the person who said that he wouldn't give the money to is Sherry, it means that as long as we can handle Sherry, the rest of the money can be returned."

"But, Sherry is your daughter. It depends on you how to face Sherry."

Zoe had always been calm. At this time, she was also very cautious to analyze the current situation.

"Yes, honey. Last time, Sherry's attitude may be because of me, or you can have a try by yourself this time. "

Listening to Zoe's words, Anna also felt that what she said was also a way, so she began to advise him.

At first, Adam was still frowning, but after hearing what they said for a while, he felt that what they said was reasonable, so he nodded to show that he accepted the suggestion.

Anna and Zoe looked at each other and could tell that they were relieved.

She hoped that Adam could really deal with Sherry.

Anna was still daydreaming, but Zoe was not so optimistic about this matter now.

After several contacts with Sherry, she still felt something that she couldn't feel before.

In the face of these people, Sherry was not softhearted at all.

In the past, Sherry would be softhearted for some things, but now, she would never be softhearted.

Perhaps, even if Adam went to face Sherry in person, the result would not change much.

If she really wanted the money, she had to start with Jeremy.


So far, the most important thing for her to think about was how to face Jeremy.

Now that Barry didn't want to tell her anything, and even wasn't afraid of her threat, then there must be many things that Jeremy had known, and he was even wary of her.

In this way, it was unlikely to get the money even if she went to find Jeremy.

Then who else could she use now?

Of course, Zoe didn't tell her parents about these thoughts. After getting Adam's thoughts, Adam couldn't wait to see Sherry the second day.

This time, in order to show his respect for Sherry, Adam didn't make an appointment with Sherry at her home, but a relatively stylish coffee shop.

"Are you looking for me?"

Although Sherry didn't want to see this man, he was her father anyway. When it was time to be p

's words hit the nail on the head.

Adam knew that every word Sherry said was true.

Since Sherry and Jeremy were together, they had never thought about how to continue to run their own business. Instead, they had been thinking about how to get greater benefits from Jeremy.

If they hadn't been involved in such a mistake, perhaps there wouldn't have been such a misunderstanding between them.

Not to mention the condition in Adam's side, how could Zoe not take action?

When she needed to make use of the chess pieces she had got before, she would not hesitate.

As soon as Adam had a problem, Zoe came to Linda.

"You asked me to get you fifty million. Are you crazy? Where can I get so much money for you?"

After hearing what Zoe said, Linda looked at this woman in disbelief. She just felt that she was almost out of her mind now. She couldn't figure out what had happened.

"Jeremy and Steve are real rich people. Although you don't get along well with Steve, it's not difficult for you to get such a large sum of money by some means. "

No matter whether Linda was reluctant or not, Zoe was well prepared. How could she allow the woman in front of her to refuse her casually?

"I know what you are worried about. If you can really handle Steve, then his money will be yours. At that time, you can lend me the money, and I will pay you back."

Linda was usually calm, but this time there was an exception.

Women in love had zero IQ. Even if Steve didn't accept Linda at all, after hearing what Zoe said, subconsciously, Linda had treated Steve as her own man.

"Then tell me how to do it."

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