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   Chapter 432 How Could This Be

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"At least I think you are a good mother. You will never forget your own child no matter where you go. In your heart, the child must be the most important existence for you."

Jeffery meant it.


Hearing what he said, Sherry smiled happily.

Jeffery seemed to have calmed down. He looked around and asked her, "There is really no trace in your house."

Although Jeffery didn't make it clear, Sherry still understood it.

Obviously, he was referring to his brother, Jeremy.

His meaning was that there was no trace of Jeremy in this house.

Sherry was not willing to answer this question at all. Their relationship had become what it was now. If there was still a trace of Jeremy in this house, then what was it?

Maybe Jeffery really trusted Sherry, or maybe he was too happy.

When he found that there was really no trace of Jeremy in the room, he grinned from ear to ear.

In the end, Sherry couldn't stand it anymore. "Jeffery, tell me, do you hate Jeremy so much?"

Sherry didn't know what to say when she was in such a situation, but when she saw his overjoyed face, she inevitably felt a little uncomfortable.

No matter what Jeffery was thinking now, Jeremy was the man she once liked.

After all, the two of them were brothers. Why was Jeffery so happy now?

Seeing that Sherry didn't look good, Jeffery realized that he might have gone too far, so he tried hard to restrain his emotions at this time.

Seeing that Jeffery didn't say anything, Sherry sighed helplessly and continued.

"I don't know what happened between you two. I think, even if I really know, I can't interfere in your affairs. But anyway, you two are brothers.

You two should support each other, but now you look like enemies, even I feel uncomfortable to see you two look like each other. Jeffery, for the sake of me, please get along well with each other in the future. "

Sherry didn't know what was wrong with her.

There was no trace of that man in her heart, but at this time, she could not help speaking for that man.

It didn't seem like she, Sherry, would do such a thing.


Jeffery knew that he had behaved too obviously. Even if there was really something wrong between them, he didn't want Sherry to worry about these things after she knew it.

Therefore, in front of her, Jeffery pretended to be honest.

Although the two of them had something to say when they were together, Jeffery could still feel that they were really like siblings, not lovers.

Although the two were married secretly, and according to Jeremy

?" For a moment, Sherry felt that she must have misheard. Such words should not be said from Jeffery's mouth. Why did she feel a little strange when she heard it?

It should not be said by Jeffery.

Seeing Sherry's reaction, Jeffery explained for himself in a reasonable way.

"I know you must be surprised at what I said. But I've been in the hospital for so long and I can't do anything for you. Now I can help you apply medicine, which is also a very happy thing for me."

Even at the beginning, Sherry felt a little strange.


After hearing what he said, Sherry had no idea what else she could say.

This guy always gave her an indescribable feeling.

Sometimes, she felt that Jeffery was like her younger brother, but sometimes she really felt that his thoughts were not something she could understand.

Such as, what Jeffery was saying now.

For Sherry, if she really cared about a person, she would not want him to be hurt no matter what happened.


Now Jeffery even expected her to get hurt just to make himself feel better.

Sherry couldn't understand what was on his mind now. Was it because he had been in the hospital for too long that he had such an idea?

At this moment, Sherry even began to seriously consider whether she should find a doctor for this guy.

She wanted to see if there was anything wrong with him now.

For her own idea, Sherry planned to find a reliable person to discuss it.

But now, she didn't want to say anything.

It was not appropriate for him to be stimulated at all. Although she would not have any malice towards him, if he heard her thoughts here and had any fierce reaction, Sherry would not dare to imagine it at all.

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