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   Chapter 430 Is There Anything Else

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Every time they talked about Jeremy, Jeffery's eyes were a little unnatural. But today, Jeffery had such a big reaction when he saw Jeremy. If nothing had happened between them, at least Sherry would not think so.

Judging from Jeffery's expression, there must be something unpleasant between the two, and Jeremy did it very hard.

So the way Sherry looked at Jeremy was the same as looking at a thief who needed to be vigilant.

How could a smart man like Jeremy not know that he was framed?

He didn't directly compete with Sherry. After all, this woman's intelligence could not see through Jeffery's tricks.

After taking a look at Jeffery, Jeremy stood up and left.

Although he had already prepared the reason for his doing so, after being glanced at by Jeremy, Jeffery couldn't help but feel flustered. That kind of emotion was not easy to control.

Although he had told himself again and again that he was a powerful person now, when he really looked into Jeremy's eyes, it turned out that he was still so vulnerable.

"Are you okay?"

Sherry didn't know whether it was right or wrong to face Jeremy, but at this time, Sherry couldn't help worrying about Jeffery. Even if she would feel sorry for that man, but at this time, Sherry still chose to ask her to care about Jeffery as soon as possible.


Although Jeffery forced a smile, in fact, he tried his best to make his smile brighter in front of Sherry.

He wanted to play a strong existence in front of Sherry.

Sherry had no choice but to support Jeffery back to the car.

It was a difficult thing for Sherry to support Jeffery every time.

Although Jeffery was injured now, a man must be heavier than a woman.

There was no way for Sherry to carry Jeffery's heavy body well.

"How about you call a security guard? I can sit here myself."

How could Jeffery not feel sorry for Sherry when he saw her like this.

So he said thoughtfully in front of Sherry again.

As the two of them were brothers, every time Jeffery spoke, Sherry couldn't help but ask herself to pay attention to the two people.

She wanted to compare the two brothers.

Although Jeremy used to be his lover, every time Jeffery spoke, Sherry always felt that Jeffery was much better than Jeremy.

Shaking her head with a smile, Sherry said, "Don't underestimate my strength. I can get you up."

Sherry took a deep breath and directly carried Jeffery into the car.

Before Jeffery could sigh at Sherry's great strength, he saw the tired look of

enly asked him this question, but he answered honestly.

"Live the life you like quietly. It's a good life. What's wrong?"

Jeffery's answer was quite standard. Sherry continued with a bitter face, "I thought you treated me as a poor man in the suburbs, otherwise why did you buy us everything? I'm so terrified now, really terrified..."

At this moment, even Jeffery felt that he couldn't keep up with Sherry.

He asked in bewilderment, "I like to buy you things. You just need to keep them. Why do you feel terrified?"

Sherry continued to say depressingly, "Yes, it's nothing for you to buy me anything, but I feel that I take you home to deceive you. There is an illusion of abduction and trafficking of children, and you don't understand my pain now..."

Jeffery was speechless...

Now Jeffery didn't know what else he could say. At least, for Jeffery, he always felt that he couldn't understand the magic thinking of Sherry. In a word, what this woman could think of was beyond his imagination.

The two of them stayed here for about an hour, just to sign those orders.

Sherry asked those people to take away the things in the car.

Otherwise, she would have to go to the supermarket later. She couldn't let Jeffery hold those ingredients.

"I really don't understand your pain now. I want to eat the meat cooked by you. Don't just buy vegetables for the sake of the child's health later. "

Jeffery was different from other men around Sherry. Among the men around Sherry, there seemed to be only one Jeffery who was so skilled at acting like a spoiled child.


When Sherry heard these words, the corners of her mouth couldn't help twitching.

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