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   Chapter 428 Let's Go Together

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Sherry's patience for Zoe was about to reach its limit.

If she was only against herself, maybe Sherry could bear it.

However, she had done it two or three times against Jeffery.

This was the real unbearable thing for Sherry.

"I haven't done anything yet. Why are you so anxious? Why don't you take good care of your man, and now look at another one? Sherry, are you greedy for whatever you want? Don't you even let go of his brother?"

Although she knew that she would definitely lose in front of Sherry today.

However, when Zoe opened her mouth, she still said casually.

In this case, it was not only against Sherry.

It was Jeffery who asked her to come here. No matter what kind of situation Sherry was in now, if Jeffery didn't inform her in time, it would be a problem for Zoe.

With such a question, how could Zoe let go of Jeffery so easily?

Since she was unhappy, she decided to let them go together.

"I won't let his brother go? Jeremy has withdrawn his investment for the Xu family. Now you are free and unrestrained, and you are still in the mood to make trouble here. "

A disdainful smile appeared on Sherry's face.

She didn't know the current situation of the Xu family at all.

Although the Xu family was also a rich family, few managers in the company had real talents. Therefore, they were often suppressed in business.

At this time, the withdrawal of Jeremy was undoubtedly fatal to the Xu family.

At the beginning, Zoe really wanted to go against Sherry.


After hearing what Sherry said, she really couldn't calm down.

No matter how arrogant she looked outside, it was because her family could see her being arrogant.


It didn't seem to be useful at all.

If the truth was really the same as what Sherry said, her family had been withdrawn from investment. Even if she had the mood to continue to be arrogant, there was no such condition.

"Are you serious?"

When Zoe asked these questions, she looked at Sherry without blinking. She didn't want to miss every expression on her face.

Unfortunately, what Sherry said to her this time was not a joke.

As soon as Sherry opened her mouth, she chose to tell her the truth.

"Since I have the guts to tell you, what I told you must be true. Instead of making trouble for my brother here, you'd better go back to see your dear parents. Are they at a loss because of this matter? "

Zoe looked at Sherry in disbelief and shouted out of control, "Sherry, a


Jeffery was speechless.

He swore that he just said it casually. God knew that Sherry would take it seriously.

"But I don't think it's necessary now. Although the existence of Zoe is a hidden trouble for us, I believe that she doesn't dare to do anything to you now. As for the future, I don't know."

Now, Zoe must be busy with the financial affairs of her family.

After Zoe left, Jeffery felt relieved.

In the shopping mall, Sherry pushed Jeffery behind him.

Before the two of them walked far, Jeffery held Sherry's hand pitifully and said, "How about we two go? I really feel uncomfortable here."

Many people fixed their eyes on him here.

Everyone looked at him in a different way.

However, at this time, Jeffery felt more pity for himself.

Those who saw Jeffery seemed to be pitying him.

He had become disabled at such a young age.

Even though Jeffery knew that he was not like this, he still felt a little unbearable when he met so many gazes.

Although Jeffery knew his situation, it didn't mean that Sherry also knew it.

At this moment, looking at Jeffery holding her hand in panic, Sherry became a little nervous.

"Let's go."

Although Sherry wanted to tease this guy at the beginning, she didn't dare to stay here any longer when she saw Jeffery was so panic now.

"Can you leave me alone for a while?"

When they got back to the car, Jeffery still looked a little out of control.

Jeffery looked at Sherry with a begging look and said.

Although Sherry had other thoughts, she dared not say anything when she saw Jeffery.

She nodded and left.

Standing outside the car, Sherry was in a trance.

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