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   Chapter 427 See Zoe Again

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Yesterday, when Sherry said that she would take them to see Jeffery, Kami had the most intense reaction.

This smart child had faintly felt that what could make Sherry speak for him was definitely not as simple as an ordinary friend.

Therefore, when Sherry mentioned this matter yesterday, she got the most intense objection from Kami.


Such an objection seemed to be useless. Sherry just changed a way to let them meet.

Speaking of this topic, Lucas became more depressed.

"Even if we discuss this topic now, it won't be useful. We'd better play it by ear when you see that uncle tomorrow. "

Lucas was confident about the tacit understanding between the two.

Kami pouted and said gloomily.

"In fact, I also know that it's useless for us to discuss this topic now, but you know what? I'm not reconciled, really not reconciled. When can Mommy see daddy? "

They had met Jeremy before, but thinking of the fierce reaction of Sherry when she met Jeremy, it was enough for the two naughty children to have a headache.

Their mother seemed to care more about those unimportant men.

However, their father, who should have been with them for a long time, was ignored.

Sherry didn't know that the two kids had thought so much. She just went to see Jeffery after dealing with the studio.

Jeffery was still in a hospital gown, waiting for Sherry in the ward.

It was only after lunch that Jeffery planned to sleep for a while. He didn't expect that Sherry would come at this time.

"Why do you come so early?"

Jeffery remembered that they had an appointment at night. He just told Zoe that it was necessary for them to meet. He didn't expect that Sherry would come here now. What if they ran into each other?

"I want to take you to change your clothes. Although you are going to my house, you can't wear hospital clothes."

Of course, Sherry didn't know that Jeffery had so many thoughts in his mind.

So what was her purpose after this? Sherry also chose to tell him frankly.

"That's right. Shall we leave now?"

Jeffery felt that his ward was not a place to stay for a long time.

Therefore, after hearing what Sherry said, it was inevitable that Jeffery was a little anxious to leave this place.

"No, you are not in a good condition now. I went to the men's clothing store to check your clothes and gave them to you in your size. They will be sent here after being modified. I'll stay here with you and wait for you."

Since Sherry said so well, how could Jeffery refuse her?

If he firmly refused Sherry at this time, he would definite

ough Zoe was not very smart when dealing with some things, in fact, she was more wise when dealing with something. She knew what was supposed to be done and what was not supposed to be done.

For example, if she saw the existence of Sherry at this time, at least she had to pretend that there was no connection between her and Jeffery.

Jeffery didn't expect that when he lowered his head, Zoe pushed the door open and came in.

"Jeffery, I haven't seen you for a long time. I miss you so much."

This was what Zoe said as soon as she entered the room.

Seeing the frozen expression on Sherry's face, Jeffery looked at Zoe with a cold expression and said, "It's okay that you came to make trouble for me last time. Do you want to repeat it today?"

"Or do you think I'm a role that you can bully as you like?"

Jeffery had no idea how Sherry would react at this time.

But Jeffery was never a man who would sit still and wait for death. Before Sherry spoke, he had to prove to Sherry that he had nothing to do with Zoe.

As long as this was the case, Sherry would definitely believe him.

He believed that Sherry had the ability to handle the rest.

"Why are you here?"

At this time, Zoe just looked at Sherry in surprise and doubt.

In her mind, Sherry shouldn't have appeared here at this time.

Even Zoe looked at Jeffery in disbelief. Was he sincere in cooperating with her, or was he just scheming against her from beginning to end?

Although she didn't know what Jeffery meant, Zoe still chose not to betray him this time.

"I think it's normal for me to be here. On the contrary, it's you. Zoe, what do you mean by coming here again and again? Do you think my brother is easy to be bullied? "

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