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   Chapter 421 Just Tell Me What You Want To Know

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Although Adam was still a little unwilling, he could see that Sherry was still in a fit of anger. If he continued to say something to Sherry at this time, he was afraid that Sherry would not nod and agree, and in the end, he would get a more terrible result.

It was better for him to leave now.

When Sherry looked better, he could come back.

After leaving the room, Adam's face turned gloomy.

His daughter, who used to be in the best control, could now threaten him in turn. He couldn't do anything to his daughter. What a coward he was.

"Don't you care about her attitude at all? I remember that you were not like this when I married you. Now you just go away. Tell me what our daughter is going to do. Don't you care about us anymore?"

Sherry's stepmother Anna had always relied on Adam's love.

Without Adam, she didn't know how to save her daughter.

Now she saw that Adam wanted to give up. For this woman, it was no different from the collapse of the sky.

"I'm in a bad mood now. Can you be quiet?"

He used to think his wife was so considerate, but maybe he thought too much. He always felt that after this time, his wife looked very different from before.

He didn't know how to tolerate this woman at all.

When the relationship between two people becomes plain day by day, then all the shortcomings of this person will be magnified in front of you.

This was the same for Adam now.


Anna still had a lot to say, but when she saw that Adam didn't look well, she didn't have the courage to continue. Although she was still in a bad mood, she finally shut up.

Never mind. She couldn't mess with this man now.

She was afraid that this thing couldn't be dealt with successfully, although she could bear her daughter Zoe's blame, she couldn't bear that of Adam's.

If that was the case, what should Zoe do?

Anna had always been a resourceful woman. Seeing the expression on Adam's face, she became more gentle.

At the beginning, even Adam had some complaints about the woman beside him, but later he didn't say anything and silently accepted her action.

After getting on the car, Adam patted Anna's hand and gently said, "Don't worry about the matter of Zoe. I'll think about what we should do next. Now, Sherry indeed has my shares. If we can't take back those shares, not to mention Zoe, even the two of us will be doomed."

At first, Anna couldn't understand Adam's decision, but after hearing what he said, she thought carefully about what

ne dared to push away Jeffery's ward. Even the nurse who came to change the dressing for Jeffery left as soon as possible, unwilling to face his bad face.

At this time, no matter how handsome Jeffery was, he was still not attractive to them.

Because of Jeffery's bad temper, everyone of them looked uneasy when facing Jeffery.

When Zoe came in, Jeffery was reading on the bed alone.

Although Zoe didn't like Jeffery, she couldn't help but sigh at Jeffery's genes when she saw him.

Not to mention that Jeremy was so handsome, even Jeffery in front of her didn't look bad.

No one would come here at that time, so Jeffery looked up at Zoe as soon as she pushed the door open.

"What are you doing here? I have given you the money."

Jeffery felt bored to see this woman. Although she was Sherry's sister, it was the same for Jeffery.

Jeffery didn't forget why he was here.

Jeffery didn't regret that he had protected Sherry from such an attack, but it didn't mean that Jeffery didn't feel sorry for what he had suffered this time.

Anyone who was hit by a car should be in a bad mood.

"Yes, you have given me the money, but what should I do? I have something to tell you now. If you don't answer my question, it should be difficult for me to do next. I don't know what to do."

"What if I tell Sherry that there is nothing wrong with your leg? What will happen at that time?

Zoe was threatening Jeffery without any disguise.

Zoe had never expected that their relationship could be so good, so even if she offended Jeffery now, it was not a big deal for Sherry.

"What do you want to ask? Just say it."

Jeffery looked depressed.

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