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   Chapter 420 You Can Leave Now

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Adam didn't know when such a big change had happened to Sherry, but he had to face it.

The irony at the corners of Sherry's mouth was even greater.

"My sister? I'm an orphan. Where does my sister come from? "

He had known to talk about family affection with her at this time. Where did he go before?

Now the only family members she could call were Lucas and Kami. As for others, they were either friends, or enemies like the two guys in front of her!

"I'm your father. I'm still alive!"

Adam didn't expect that Sherry would say something like that. He was really pissed off by her.

Sherry just looked at him seriously and replied, "I'm sorry, my father has died a long time ago."

"Oh my God! How could you do this to your father?" Her stepmother, who was watching the fun, was not afraid of anything serious.

Adam rushed up and was about to beat Sherry. Sitting still, Sherry pointed at her face and said coldly, "If you want to beat me, you can do it directly. There's no need to be as hypocritical as you are now. It's just beating women. It's not difficult for you."

"However, if I were you, I wouldn't have been wasting my time here. I wouldn't have helped Zoe. You'd better think of other ways than threatening me here."

When she was in a bad mood, there would always be a punching bag coming to her.

"You bad girl, how could I have a daughter like you?"

Adam didn't expect that Sherry would be so powerful now. In his impression, Sherry was much different from his daughter who could be threatened by him at any time.

"I also want to know, opus, how miserable your life is."

Now Sherry was completely stubborn. No matter what Adam said, Sherry would say something bitter to block his words.

"You have been in my house for a long time, and I don't have such a long time to accompany the guests. So, can you consider leaving?"

No matter how bad the two people looked, Sherry still didn't give them face.

If she agreed this time, God knew what unreasonable request they would make next time.

Since Sherry had decided to change the situation, she would never allow such a thing to happen a second time.

"I'm your father!"

It was unknown how many times Adam had said that in front of Sherry today.

Today's Adam was not as strong as before.

He stressed it again and again, looking so powerless.

With her eyes wide open in disbelief, Sherry said in surprise, "Oh my God, I have a father."

"Do you think I was willing to go abroad? I just want to know why I didn't have a father when I was in trouble before. When my father needs me now, I will have one more father. Can you give me an explanation?"

Sherry was really full of anger now.

She was in a bad mood when facing her father Adam.

"Don't s

knew that she couldn't be impulsive now. These two people would leave here on their own, but they shouldn't have been driven out by her.

"I know you're my father. I'm sick of this. Can you say something creative?"

Seeing that her father was about to speak, Sherry said without hesitation.

After all, there were only a few words. Even if Sherry treated her as his opponent, she felt a little bored now. Such an opponent would make people feel that she was also such a weak role, okay?


Adam was really pissed off by his unfilial daughter. How could he have such a daughter? Now he was seriously reflecting on this matter. No matter what he thought, it was his fault.

"I can hear you. So don't treat me as deaf, okay?"

Sherry touched her ear and smiled to show that she had a good hearing.

"I have given you a choice. You can continue to make trouble for me here, but think about the consequences that belong to you. If you figure out the consequences, you can leave here now, because I don't want to talk to you at all. "

"What's more, you should be a person who knows what's good and what's bad. If I were you at this time, I wouldn't have rushed forward even though I knew the current situation was unfavorable to me."

When Adam looked at Sherry, although he had been gnashing his teeth, he really didn't have the courage to do anything to Sherry at this time.

His crazy daughter seemed to be able to do anything. It was really unnecessary for him to do something at this time.

"Are you still here?"

Sherry thought she had said enough, but she didn't expect that these two guys were still stubborn.

Sherry suddenly felt a little headache. Was it because her previous image was too easy to control?

Now her father still thought that he could face her here without any pressure?

"Let's go..."

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