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   Chapter 418 We Know We Are Wrong

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The child had grown up. Yesterday's him was totally different from today's.

Seeing the embarrassment on Steve's face, Sherry said, "But although I ordered it, your uncle Steve bought it with money, so you still have to thank him."

The two little kids ignored what Sherry said.

The two made a loud noise.

Sherry really didn't know what was wrong with her two sons. They looked good just now, but why did they suddenly have this feeling and became so naughty?

When she was about to teach the two kids a lesson, Sherry thought of Steve beside her and smiled at the man with embarrassment. "These two kids are too naughty today. I'm sorry."

Steve touched his nose and looked embarrassed. "Maybe, it's not because your children have changed. Maybe they just don't like me."

Although Steve cared about Sherry's feelings every time he faced her.


Steve had never been treated like this since he was born.

Even if Sherry asked Steve to stay, he still chose to leave.

After Steve left, the two kids saw the terrible look on Sherry's face.

Kami and Lucas looked at each other and knew it was their turn.

Before Sherry could say anything, Lucas and Kami ran back to their room and locked the door.

"Kami, Lucas, you two come out!"

Even Sherry didn't realize what was going on at the beginning, but after Steve said that before he left, how could Sherry not know what was going on?

It was obvious that these two naughty kids were making trouble out of nothing.

Lucas looked at Kami and said, "What should we do? Mom is angry."

Kami wrapped himself tightly in the quilt, and then seriously said to Lucas, "We can't leave mom alone outside."

Lucas opened the door for Sherry obediently.

All of a sudden.

Lucas sensed that something was wrong and didn't even notice that Sherry came into the room. Lucas glared at Kami and asked, "Why are you hiding under the quilt yourself, but I have to be outside?"

Kami said confidently, "Don't think that our mother won't beat you. I'm wrapped in such a thick coat that it won't hurt even if she beats me."

Lucas was angry, "What about me?"

Sherry, who had just walked in, was originally full of anger, but at this time, she could only watch the conversation between the twins in astonishment.

Why did she have an indescribable feeling that she was ignored?

Even if Lucas got angry, Kami was still righteous. "Idiot, you can only protect yourself at this time."

This time, Sherry didn't beat up Lucas, but walked towards Kami.

This guy was becoming more and more la

eone who told Steve these things? Who was it?

Sherry had thought of a lot of people. Suddenly, an option that she didn't want to believe appeared in her mind. It was Linda!

The people around her might know the relationship between her and Jeremy, and only Linda could tell what happened between them.

No matter whether there were some misunderstandings or not, their relationship was already bad enough.

So, at this time, Linda, who knew a lot of things, there was no need to hide anything for her.


Perhaps at this time, Linda didn't expect that after Steve knew these things, he didn't turn against her directly. Instead, he chose to sit down and talk about the matter honestly.

After thinking it over, Sherry felt that it was unnecessary for her to contact Jeremy.

No matter what happened, in Jeremy's heart, he must still be the same Sherry who had done a lot of wrong things.

It was better for her to do what she wanted to do than to go to come to him to find trouble. At least, she could be happy in this situation.

With such an emotion, of course, Sherry did not have the complicated mood at the beginning.

She went back to her room to sleep.

There were too many troubles in the past few days. In addition, Sherry was not in a good mood, so the quality of her sleep had always been bad.

But this time, Sherry didn't know if she had thought about something, but she could clearly feel that her mood was much better than before.

Not long after Sherry fell asleep, there was a deafening knock on the door.

The nanny should have brought lunch to the children at this time, and even if she came back, she still had the key. Then who was knocking at the door now?

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