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   Chapter 417 I Like It Very Much

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Linda didn't expect that even a waiter in the bar dared to refute her.

Seeing Linda like this, the waiter took back all the words he was about to say.

It seemed that even if he really wanted to say something to her, he didn't dare to say it now.

Linda didn't stay alone for too long.

Although she was down and out, it didn't mean that everyone would forget the existence of such a person.

Linda was almost drunk. Suddenly, a hand appeared in front of her and took the glass from her hand.

When Linda looked at the person discontentedly and saw her face clearly, there was a flash of undisguised surprise in her eyes.

Then she asked coldly, "What are you doing here?"

It was Zoe. Linda had always felt that she was not familiar with Zoe.

In addition, she was dissatisfied with Sherry. By instinct, she thought that as Sherry's sister, Zoe would not be a good person.

"I'm here to give you benefits. Is this how you treat me?"

Facing Linda's disgusting eyes, Zoe didn't get angry, but she could talk to her with a smile.

"I come here today to tell you that the enemy's enemy is a friend."

At first, Linda still responded to the woman with a cold face, but when she heard what the woman said, she was not as calm as she looked before.

She stared at Zoe without blinking and asked, "What do you mean by what you just said?"

Was there anything wrong with her understanding?

Otherwise, how could Zoe stand on such a position and say something like that?

"I want to tell you what I mean literally, but it depends on you whether you can understand what I mean or not."

Even if she was stared at by Linda, there was no sign of anger on Zoe's face.

In Zoe's mind, Linda was no match for her at all.

Even if she gave Linda enough time to think about it, she would eventually come to her side.

After a while, Linda asked, "But why should I believe you?"

Even though she knew that the relationship between Zoe and Sherry was not very harmonious, at this time, Linda still could not make herself believe this woman without hesitation. After all, the existence of the other party was a fraud.

"After all, I won't let you lose your job, right?"

"What do you mean?"

Hearing Zoe's words, Linda's face changed again.

Although she might think too much, what the other party was saying now was full of warning.

"Well, although I can't guarantee that I can treat you with all my heart, if we two can be allies, at least I won't destroy your work after some small contradictions."

Zoe said meaningfully.

The way Linda looked at Z

a cuckold the most, so it's better for us to solve this matter secretly."

With Kami's explanation, Lucas thought about it seriously and finally nodded seriously.

"Yes, we'll keep an eye on our mother. We won't give that man a chance to chase after mommy."

When they went out, they had already made a plan.

Poor Steve. Even if he wanted to please the two kids, they were doomed not to give him face.

"Uncle, you don't have any sincerity to come to see us. These are all what we don't like to eat. Mom, try these we bought for you. "

As soon as Steve sat down, the two kids began to pick on him. Before Steve did anything, the two children criticized him without hesitation.

Sherry was also confused and didn't know what was going on. "You two, the food your uncle Steve brought back are what I ordered, but the food you bought wasn't your favorite food?"

Looking at the food she had packed on the table, Sherry began to doubt if she was a good mother. She didn't know when these two kids changed their taste?

"It's just that he doesn't like it. I like it. I know mom loves us most."

Lucas glared at Kami.

He didn't even know the truth when he spoke, which almost made his mommy sad.

Kami was confident in everything. This time, even if he was stared at by Lucas, he didn't get angry. On the contrary, he fell into deep self-blame.

Although Sherry was a little confused at the beginning, she didn't think too much when she saw her son acting like a spoiled child with her.

"Forget it. I really don't know how to serve you two now. If you feel tired of eating anything in the future, remember to tell me. Otherwise, how can I be sure of your two tastes?"

Sherry also looked helpless.

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