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   Chapter 415 Would You Like To Have Dinner With Me

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Jeffery assured Sherry that Zoe wouldn't do anything to him.

However, seeing the arrival of Zoe, how could Sherry not worry?

Their past was too difficult to ignore.

It was hardly public information but Sherry knew how psychotic her sister really was.

"Do you think that you haven't changed? Do you think that you can be calm? Why don't you just stay abroad? After you were back, Jeremy can't seem to keep his eyes off of you."

The enraged figure of Zoe stood ferociously in the hallway for all to see.

Everyone around them stared and spoke in hushed whispers.

"You're not so high and mighty now, are you? I've always hated you. You did nothing but lie and scheme, Zoe. I can't even pity you anymore. You just disgust me!"

Sherry couldn't take it anymore. She was so furious, she just had to vent her anger.

"I don't really care about what you've done in the past but I think you should probably take a look at yourself. You really need to fix yourself up.

Since we have nothing remotely to do with each other anymore, we should just bury the hatchet."

Zoe looked blankly at Sherry as if she was speaking a different language.

"You know what? I don't really like your tone. Don't you dare think that you have won! There's a lot that will be mine sooner or later."

Zoe had a predatory look in her eyes.

Sherry smiled indifferently, "We were always different people. You had dreams that I couldn't care less about."

Seeing that Zoe was about to fight back once again, Sherry nonchalantly yawned and turned around to leave.

Was Zoe really going to let her leave that easily? The moment Sherry turned her back, Zoe yanked Sherry towards her.

"You're right. I'm not like you. I got whatever I have by myself. Sherry, if you hadn't married Jeremy, nothing would be the same."

Zoe had landed her punches but she still didn't feel any better.

Sherry wanted to communicate with Zoe but she was just unbearable. How was she ever going to deal with this if Zoe was still the person she once knew in the past? If anything, Zoe might have actually been worse.

Sherry shook off her hand and glared back in disgust.

"This is why I could never bring myself to talk to you. You have no shame."

Zoe didn't bother trying to push her agenda anymore.

She scowled at Sherry, watching her walk away.

Zoe thought, 'No shame? My dear sister, you definitely aren't talking about me...'

Linda left the company and immediately threw all the things she was carrying away.

She just spoke to Sherry yesterday and w

ways though.

When Steve went out for dinner in the evening, he unexpectedly met Sherry who was walking on the way.


Although he didn't know how to face her, he still opened the window and shouted her name out.


Looking over at Steve's sudden appearance, Sherry was startled.

Soon, Sherry answered him with a smile.

"Why are you here?"

"I am going to have some dinner. Do you want to join me?"

Sherry's gut reaction was to refuse his offer but she began thinking. His posture was somewhat eager and it seemed like he had something to tell her. She persuaded herself more and more.

Although she was a little hesitant, when she saw the eager look in Steve's eyes, Sherry nodded with a smile and walked towards him.

After getting in the car, Sherry tried to ease the slightly awkward tension between them.

"I'm happy to have dinner with you but I do have two kids waiting at home for me. I'll have to get home to tuck them into bed in a little while."

These words were more to break the silence than anything.

This was kind of a blow to Steve's plan. Although it wasn't a pressing issue, he felt as though he had to confront her quickly or he might lose his opportunity.

He was trying to avoid asking her all the questions that raced through his head but now he had to get it out soon.

Along the way, Sherry had been trying to find a topic to talk about because it was getting far too uncomfortable now.

"I have to ask you something later."

Steve didn't look like himself. Sherry was getting kind of worried for him but she could only try to distract him.

Sherry didn't know what he wanted to ask later and just answered flatly, "Okay."

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