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   Chapter 409 Meeting Linda Again

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However, Steve still felt that he was fine.

At first, Linda just passed by the door of MS Bar and wanted to come in and have a look. She didn't expect that as soon as she came in, Steve was sitting there drinking alone.

"Steve, are you okay?"

When Linda came in, Steve was lying on the bar counter alone.

It seemed that Linda had never seen Steve behave like this. She felt depressed in an instant, but she still went to take care of Steve first.


Steve was so drunk that he couldn't even tell who the person in front of him was. He looked at Linda in front of him and shouted the name of Sherry.

Linda was still full of enthusiasm before. When she heard the name, she was instantly depressed.

Although she was angry, she still said patiently, "Steve, I'm not Sherry. I'm Linda. Don't you remember me?"

Linda looked so pitiful.

Steve was a little flustered and looked at her seriously for a while. Then he patted on Linda's shoulder and said with a smile, "Aren't you Sherry? Why don't you admit your identity? Let's stop kidding. It's not funny. "

"You are drunk. I'll take you back first."

Noticing that the waiters were still looking at the two of them, Linda's face became more stiff. She walked to Steve and wanted to leave with him.

Unexpectedly, Steve broke free and said to her with a smile, "Sherry, we haven't eaten or drunk together for a long time. Now we finally have such a chance to meet. Don't you plan to accompany me for a little longer?"

Looking at the man in front of her, Linda said word by word, "Look clearly, the person in front of you is not Sherry!"

Although she had always liked this man in her heart, how could Linda be in a good mood to be treated as another woman by the man she liked?

At this time, in Linda's heart, there was more unspeakable unwillingness.

"Yeah, stop it!"

She didn't know whether Steve did it on purpose or not. Once Linda said it, Steve would seriously look at Linda for a while, but the final result was no different from the previous one.

Looking at Steve in front of her, Linda didn't know what she was thinking. For a moment, she was really willing to be Sherry.

Because, even if she was jealous, Sherry could get many things she longed for, such as the love of the man in front of her.

"Steve, do you really like me so much?"

Linda looked at the man in front of her with a weird expression in her eyes, but Steve was not even sober enough to see the expression in L

oke Steve up a lot.

After hearing what Linda said, Steve gave her a direct response, opened the door and got out of the car.

For Steve, even though he had begun to waver after hearing these words, he would not believe it until he heard the two people admit it personally.


No matter how many times Linda said the same words in front of Steve, he would not believe in her. He would only think that Linda was trying to alienate their relationship.

As a friend, Steve was really qualified to have such trust in his friend.

There was only one thing Steve wanted to do now, that was to see one of the two people and ask them what was the truth.


Sometimes, if you really want to see someone, he will soon appear in front of you. This kind of thing is more likely to happen than the summoning skill.

Steve was walking out of the parking lot alone. Suddenly, a car came in.

It was Jeremy's car.


Judging from the way Jeremy got off the car, it should be because of Steve that Jeremy came here. After all, as soon as Jeremy got off the car, he chose to talk to Steve.

Steve waved his hand, indicating that he didn't want to listen to him now.

"Jeremy, I heard a ridiculous statement today. Although it's ridiculous for me, I think it's necessary for me to verify it with you."

Steve didn't look good when he spoke.


Even so, Steve still forced himself to look at the man in front of him firmly and seriously, not missing any expression on his face.


Maybe Jeremy thought too much. He always felt that Steve looked a little strange, including the way Steve looked at him.

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