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   Chapter 407 Their Belongings

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When Barry heard this, he was utterly confused. He calmed himself down for a few moments before turning around with a smile and said, "Boss, I'm glad to hear that you've regained your memory. Do you need me to help tell the others?"

Barry thought he could get away with everything from Jeremy unnoticed, but he couldn't have been more wrong.

Jeremy didn't say anything, but only looked at him with condemnation.

Even without saying anything, Barry could see from Jeremy's eyes that all his lies had been exposed.

At least in front of this man, he could no longer hide the things he had done before.

Jeremy was patiently waiting for the man in front of him to take the initiative to speak, but Barry only stood in front of him, flustered and choked up.

A tinge of coldness was seen from Jeremy's stiff eyes. "Barry, I am now giving you a chance to speak. Relish this opportunity, before you lose it for good."

Initially, Barry had an urge to still hide the truth, but after careful contemplation, he let go of it. He released a deep sigh in front of Jeremy as a gesture of resignation.

"Are you going to say it or not?"

While Barry was caught in a daze, Jeremy furiously picked up the pen container on the table and threw it, hitting it directly on Barry's head.

Despite being struck on the head, Barry didn't have the guts to show any signs of unnecessary reactions. He simply stood quietly and accepted his fate.

In fact, to this moment, Barry was conflicted about his situation.

If he blatantly told Jeremy about everything that happened, he didn't know if Jeremy would let him go without punishment.

Despite all his doubts and worries, after some deliberation, he chose to downright say the truth.

With a tinge of dissatisfaction in his eyes, Jeremy stared at Barry the whole time.

Although Zoe threatened him, if he had to choose to betray either one of them, he'd much rather remain loyal to Jeremy.

While these thoughts cluttered his mind, Barry lowered his head and finally cooperated. "Okay, I'll tell you.

The test result that I handed to you was fake. I threw away the original test result. Which means, Sherry's two children are likely yours."

Even though Barry had betrayed him, he knew Jeremy's character very well.

So by now, Barry was aware of what to say in order to get Jeremy's forgiveness and regain his trust.

This meant that to get better results, Barry had to start off by talking about Jeremy's biggest concern.

As expected, a touch of softness was seen in Jeremy's eyes when he heard this.


that didn't mean that he would be off the hook so easily, because Jeremy still had a lot of questions that needed to be answered.

"What caused you to do this?"

Jeremy asked. Since Barry had always been loyal to him, there should be no reason for Barry to do such a thing. That was, unless there was an underlying issue that he wasn't aware of.

This was the question that Barry was the most afraid to hear from Jeremy. He was hesitant to answer it, but could clearly see in Jeremy's expression that he was more determined than ever before. In that moment, Barry knew that he had to answer him today.

Before he admitted the truth, Barry dropped to his knees in front of Jeremy.

Jeremy only watched him with

arry had most likely seen the items in the box. However, the two of them came from totally different positions and would find a much different sentimental value towards them. Jeremy wanted to look at each one of the items in the box thoroughly, one by one.

Despite being a typically decisive man, this time, Jeremy stood by and seemed as though he was hesitant to go inside.

He had to muster up the strength to go inside because of the uncertainty of how all the times would make him feel.

Although everything inside that room were still unknown, there was no substantial difference between them and the wild beasts of the forest.

Despite the conflicting dilemma, he eventually chose to come inside, knowing that he had to face it sooner or later.

The moment he turned the lights on, Jeremy's eyes were stuck in an unblinking stare.

All the items in the room were familiar to him, or perhaps, taken from him. They were also items that resurfaced common memories during the years that he lived with Sherry.

He thought that Sherry had disposed all of his belongings, but he never would have expected that Sherry simply found a safe place to keep them.

Jeremy, who had lost all hope before, suddenly had a glimmer of hope.


Upon reflection, he realized that maybe it wasn't that Sherry didn't love him, but misunderstandings between the two caused a rift. In that case, if Sherry truly loved him, she just didn't know how to tell him.

He even wanted to slap himself whenever he revisited memories of them together, because of the way he treated Sherry, and all the hurtful things he said to her.

He didn't know why he had trusted everyone around him at the time. Why was he unwilling to ask Sherry herself what really happened?

He found the cups they used together, and the quilt that they slept in.

Suddenly, warmth filled Jeremy's heart—almost making him cry.

It was a heartwarming and enchanting moment that Jeremy rarely experienced.

It turned out that he really cared about this woman to such a great extent.

Jeremy even had the urge to stay in this room the whole day. He took a deep breath of air from the scent of all his belongings with Sherry.

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