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   Chapter 405 Troublemaker

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Hearing what Jeffery said, Sherry felt a little embarrassed.

She had come to visit her younger brother, but she had done such a thing.

A tinge of helplessness flashed through Jeffery's eyes. He put down the book in his hand and said, "Can you bring me an iPad tomorrow? Sometimes I'm too bored. I want to play games or something."

Jeffery knew how to control Sherry, so when he said these words, he looked very lonely and pitiful.

Sure enough.

Seeing the look of Jeffery, she really felt guilty. She took out an iPad from her bag and handed it to him. Then she said, "You can use mine first. I'll buy it for you tomorrow."

Although Jeffery said he was embarrassed, he quickly took the iPad over.

A tinge of helplessness flashed across Sherry's eyes. "But I have some work materials in it. You'd better not delete anything for me casually."

Jeffery stopped what he was doing, looked at her and asked, "Since there are so important things in it, why don't you take it yourself? I'm just a little bored, and it's not too late to play tomorrow."

"You are my brother. I trust you."

Sherry's smile was still as beautiful as before, but Jeffery couldn't smile anymore.

'Damned brother! Damn it! He really doesn't want to hear this call anymore.'

Was he only a brother in Sherry's heart?

Although he was full of resentment in his heart, when he met Sherry's worried eyes, he put on a smile and said, "I'm fine."

Although there was still unspeakable worry in Sherry's eyes, it was not early now. If she did not go back now, she might not be able to go back.

Sherry didn't pay much attention to him. She just said goodbye to him and left in silence.

Looking at the iPad in his hand, Jeffery should have been happy about Sherry's attitude towards him, but this time, no matter what, he really couldn't be happy, as if a big stone was pressing down on his heart.

"Brother I can only be your brother? "

Jeffery sat there alone, looking a little depressed.

Perhaps it was because she had slept for a long time and her body was not so comfortable that as soon as she walked out, Sherry supported herself against the wall. For a moment, she felt that she was about to lose her balance.

Sometimes, if you don't want to meet someone, you will meet him soon.

This should be the most suitable sentence for Sherry now.

She walked slowly to the door of the elevator and gradually calmed down.

However, the moment the elevator door opened, Sherry was completely dumbfounded.

The person standing inside was not someone else, but Zoe.

Sherry turned around and was about to leave, but Zoe, who had already seen her, how could Zoe let her go so easily?

Before Sherry took a few steps forward, she was stopped by Zoe. "

y wouldn't have been like this.

What Linda said was right. If she had been staying abroad quietly and hadn't come back to disturb these people's lives, many people wouldn't have suffered some unnecessary harm because of her.

Thinking of this, a touch of confusion flashed across Sherry's eyes.

Now Sherry began to be confused about a lot of things.

Originally, she planned to drive back, but at last, Sherry chose to take a taxi.

Except some things that could make her confused, Sherry had always been a very calm person deep in her heart. She was very clear that her current state was not suitable for driving home at all.

If she went back in such a state, there might be an accident.

When Sherry returned home, she found that the light had been turned off.

It seemed that the kids had fallen asleep.

The moment Sherry turned on the light, Ina, who was lying on the sofa, suddenly woke up. When she saw that it was Sherry who came in, she smiled and stood up to look for her clothes.

"Sherry, since you come back, I'm leaving now."

How could Sherry not understand why Ina had never left?

Although the two babies were both very smart, they were not adults after all. How could Ina not worry at all and let the two children stay?

Taking a look at the sky outside, Sherry said, "You can stay here tonight. It's not safe outside now. You are still a girl.

It's not the first time that you have slept in my house. Go and change your pajamas."

Originally, Ina had the intention to stay here. After hearing what Sherry said, she did not continue to refuse. She smiled and ran to change her pajamas alone.

Sherry shook her head helplessly. Sitting in the living room alone, her mind was full of what Linda had just said.

When Kami went to the bathroom, he didn't expect to see his mommy's sad face.

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