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   Chapter 404 Keep Her

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Sherry was really amused by this man's shamelessness. For her, she couldn't accept it at all.

"I can live on my own. Why should I be your lover? Jeremy, don't forget that we have been over since the day I left. What else do you want to do? "

Jeremy's eyes darkened. "I don't say that I want to develop a relationship with you. You could have left without giving me face back then. Now you should be my lover, so that I can get back my lost face."

Sherry felt that her head was buzzing. At the beginning, she thought that this man had really changed, and he had really been different.

It was not until now that she realized how naive she had been.

In fact, there was nothing fundamentally different about him now than there was before him. For Jeremy, women were always his accessories, and even she was the same.

Once upon a time, Sherry thought that there was really love between them.

She thought that as long as she came back, they really had the chance to be like many ordinary families, a family of three simple and happy together.


Jeremy told her how naive and ridiculous those thoughts were.

Some people won't change. Even if you think he will change for you, it can only prove that you are dreaming, that's all.

A sarcastic smile appeared on Sherry's lips. "So, you need to use a woman to remind you of your self-confidence. Jeremy, why didn't I find that you lived such a miserable life before?"

This time, Jeremy really let her down.

"I won't be your mistress, and I won't give you the children. Shut up, Jeremy. I know what you want to say next. You will say I'm too bold to take you seriously now.

Yes, I'm not only brave now, but also brave enough. The children are mine. It has nothing to do with who is the father of the children. If you really dare to hurt my children, I will definitely make you regret. As for your lover, I don't want to be your wife, let alone your lover. "

Sherry was really pissed off by what he said. Even though she knew that her words might hurt the man in front of her, she didn't show any mercy when she spoke.

"Jeremy, we can still communicate well with each other now. You'd better not make it so awkward between us. Don't think that the world must revolve around you. It turns out that I have lived a good life in the past few years without you. "

Jeremy's eyes turned red. He grabbed Sherry's wrist and said in a ferocious manner, "So you can find another man after leaving me, right? Sherry, what kind of woman are you? I have been fooled by you for so many years."

"You are so stupid." Sherry looked

he told her his real thoughts clearly now, he would probably not see her tomorrow. Escape was always what Sherry was good at.

The only thing he could do was to wait, waiting for the image of Jeremy to collapse in Sherry's heart, and waiting for her to find that he was a better choice.

As long as he kept her by his side with his legs, they would get along with each other longer and longer.

As for other things, Jeffery never thought he was worse than Jeremy.

It was just that Sherry hadn't found that he had grown up and become a powerful and reliable man. As for waiting, he could afford it.

When Sherry woke up, she found that she seemed to have slept for a long time.

Jeffery was sitting on the edge of the bed and reading a book. The moment she saw him, she felt unprecedentedly relieved, as if they were originally a family.

"How long have I slept?"

Because she had been sleeping on the edge of the bed all the time, when she woke up, her arms were numb.

"It's been three or four hours."

No matter how bad Jeffery's mood was, he would never show it in front of Sherry.

He raised his chin and hinted Sherry to look out of the window.

Sherry looked outside. It was already dark. It seemed that she had really stayed here for a long time.

Sherry rubbed her face which was covered with marks and said to him, "Then I'm leaving now. I'll see you tomorrow."

Jeffery couldn't help laughing, "So, you came here just to sleep?"

Today, Sherry was really different from before. She didn't look as nervous as before. Even facing him, she was much more casual than before.

Jeffery liked the way they got along with each other. At least, he could feel that he was really needed.

"I'm sorry..."

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