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   Chapter 402 Wake Up Again

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They not only behaved intimately, but also looked natural. It seemed that they had reached a state of forgetting themselves.

After taking a look, Jeremy suddenly turned around and left.

Seeing the figure at the door leave, Jeffery smiled.

Jeremy returned to the company, trying to forget what he had just seen.

Not long ago, Sherry was still so intimate with him. But now, he realized that it was really just his wishful thinking.

Sherry was really nice to Jeffery! She had already had sex with him, but now she behaved intimately with Jeffery as if nothing had happened.

Jeremy felt sorry for himself. In order to forget these hateful things, he began to devote himself to work.

Even Barry, who came in to deliver the materials, was surprised.

These days, because Jeffery and his father were hospitalized together, Jeremy seldom came to the company. Even if he came, he only made a few decisions and left.

But these days, he suddenly worked so hard that he almost stayed in the company all day long and rarely went to the hospital.

He didn't even have lunch, which made Barry worried.

"Boss, eat something first."

Although Barry knew that he shouldn't make the decision on his own, he was still worried about Jeremy.

In the past few days, Jeremy had been working and often forgotten to have meal.

Looking at the food on the plate, Jeremy raised his hand but felt that he had no appetite at all.

At last, he had to say, "You can leave it here. I'll eat it later."

It was not the first time for Barry to send food, but he knew that Jeremy had never eaten. This time, he would not be different from before.

Barry had made up his mind that he would try again an hour later. At that time, he would think of other ways to persuade his boss to have dinner.

An hour later, Jeremy had already been on his back on the table.

At first, Barry thought his boss had fallen asleep, but later he found that there was something wrong with Jeremy's face, so he asked the driver to take him to the hospital as soon as possible.

"The patient is fine. He is just too tired. He can be discharged from the hospital after he wakes up."

The doctor didn't know the identity of Jeremy, so he just gave some advice to him and left.

Barry smiled bitterly beside him. Because he knew that he couldn't stop his boss from doing this no matter how he tried.

He really hoped that his boss could forget Sherry and stop torturing himself.

In order to give his boss a good rest, Barry went back to the company first.

Jeremy needed to rest now. Barry thought, 'If he can deal with the documents in advance, his boss will have an excuse to have a good rest.'

Sherry came to the hospital to see Jeffery.

However, when she

ut Sherry didn't want to be too far away from him, as if there was no way for them to get close.

When Sherry was still wondering whether she should stay or go, the quilt on Jeremy slipped down.

She tucked him in and left.

With this idea, Sherry got closer to him. She pulled the quilt and covered it on him.

Having made up her mind to leave, Sherry felt that she wouldn't stay here for too long. It wouldn't matter even if she stayed here to see him for a while.

Because when Jeremy woke up, they couldn't get along well with each other like this.

When Sherry saw a fruit basket, she put the lunch box on the table and sat down to peel the apple.

After peeling, Sherry took out a one-time plate and put them on the plate neatly.

After all this, Sherry felt a little tearful.

"Jeremy, I hope you can recover as soon as possible." Putting the things on the table, Sherry really couldn't stay any longer.

Sherry found that although she tried hard not to care about it, every time she met Jeremy, her original peaceful mood would change again.

For Sherry, the best way was to keep a distance from Jeremy.

The moment Sherry turned around, she was suddenly grabbed by a strong force. When she turned around, Jeremy had woken up and looked at her with his bright eyes.

Shocked, Sherry looked at him who suddenly woke up. With an embarrassed smile on her lips, she said, "You're awake. I just came here to have a look. I'm leaving."

After saying that, Sherry turned around and was about to leave. In her opinion, Jeremy had just woken up, so he might not give her a hard time. However, it turned out that she was wrong.

"You left several years ago. Do you think I will let you go this time?"

When Sherry was about to leave, she was so shocked that she stopped in her tracks after hearing his words.

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