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   Chapter 398 Only One Signature

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After throwing her into the car, Jeremy regained his cold-blooded and cruel self.

"If I'm in a good mood, Jeffery will be fine. If I want to deal with him, it's as easy as crushing an ant. Whether I deal with him depends on your performance." Said Jeremy, who had already fastened the seat belt on the driver's seat.

Sherry turned her head to look at him, feeling so humiliated. She had fastened her seat belt stiffly as she spoke, "Jeremy, if you don't keep your words, I won't let you go!"

As soon as she fastened her seat belt, the car started.

Sherry's words irritated Jeremy again, but he still held back his anger.

They finally returned to the urban area. At this time, it was already night. The night wind blew on her bare legs, and she had been trembling all over.

"If you feel cold, I'll take you to buy clothes." Jeremy said coldly.

Sherry didn't say anything and kept looking out of the window, pretending not to hear what he said.

Seeing that she was still so stubborn, Jeremy stopped talking.

But not long after, Sherry suddenly said, "Stop the car!"

Jeremy slowly parked the car at the roadside. As soon as the car stopped, Sherry opened the door and got off.

There were spare suits and shirts in the car, but Sherry refused to change. She insisted on wearing her own clothes. The clothes looked a little messy. Looking at her back for two seconds, Jeremy was a little worried, so he got out of the car and followed her.

Sherry went straight to a pharmacy and soon bought what she wanted to buy. When Jeremy came in, he saw that Sherry was paying the bill with the box of medicine.

He saw the words on the box at a glance. It was contraceptive pill!

With the medicine in her hand, Sherry turned her head and saw that Jeremy was standing at the door and looking at her coldly.

She just glanced at him indifferently and walked outside.

When they walked out of the pharmacy, Jeremy held her hand and said angrily, "Did you take this medicine when you slept with Chester?"

Sherry remained silent all the time. When she saw that Jeremy held her hand, she felt goosebumps all over her body.

"Did you take contraceptives when other men slept with you?" Jeremy asked again.

Sherry took a deep breath and sneered, "It has nothing to do with you."

If she didn't take contraceptives, what if she was pregnant again?

Jeremy thought too much! She was already extremely angry, but she could not vent her anger. She felt a little frustrated.

Now couldn't she even make the decision to take the medication or not? Sherry didn't compromise. She shook off Jeremy's hand and walked forward.

"If you are really pregnant with my child, it has something to do with me!" Jeremy followed her and said.

Sherry pressed her thin lips tightly, "Pregnant with your child? I will get pregnant with anyone else except you! "

Her voice was not loud. Jeremy followed her and didn't hear he

w that he was innocent. He also didn't know why Linda could come in.

Fortunately, Linda didn't know Elizabeth was her now, so Sherry didn't care about it. It was just that Sherry didn't want to see Linda!

"Thank you for attending this meeting. I'm Elizabeth." Said Sherry flatly to the microphone.

As soon as she finished her words, there was a loud applause.

Her voice had been changed, so no one could recognize her original voice.

She didn't talk much this time. Only her partners and reporters asked much questions. She sat on the chair for a while and could leave after the last part.

Compared with the excited people below, she was so calm.

"Now, Miss Elizabeth can sign for you. And we will carry out a drawing activity. The selected people can get our team's anniversary badge!"

As soon as Ina finished her words, the crowd got excited and took part in the activity. Sherry sat behind the table, expressionless, and even her eyes were cold.

Linda rushed up excitedly. As the most famous advertising designer in the country, others naturally had to give her way.

But it was a pity that Linda didn't get the reward. She looked at Elizabeth with pity, but Elizabeth didn't look at her. She just took a group photo with other people who had already got the reward and gave them the badge.

When the meeting was over and Sherry was about to leave, under the protection of the security guards, as soon as she walked out of the hall, she saw a person rushing out beside her. "Miss Elizabeth!"

Sherry paused. The voice was so familiar that she recognized it at once. It was Linda.

Sherry turned her head and saw that Linda was looking at her with admiration at the corner.

"Security!" Ina said immediately.

At this time, the security guards immediately surrounded her. Linda hurriedly said, "Miss Elizabeth, I just want your signature. I admire you very much. I don't ask for a group photo. I just want a signature!"

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