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   Chapter 396 You Are Shameless

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His voice was cold. Most importantly, he felt something different from before.

In the past, no matter how cold Jeremy's voice was, it was still a little warm when he talked to her. At least, it could be sensed that he had a different feeling for her.

But now it was completely gone. He was like a Satan Devil, which made Sherry feel scared.

"I've been busy all day and have no time to think about it." Said Sherry cautiously.

At this time, Jeremy's car drove faster and faster. He kept overtaking.

"Really?" Jeremy sneered, "How long will it take to take care of a cripple?"

Jeremy's words were cold and not pleasing at all.

Hearing this, Sherry frowned irritably and said coldly, "He is a patient and needs someone to take care of him."

It seemed that her resistance made Jeremy even angrier. After he heard it, he drove faster and faster, almost to a point that young people like Sherry could not accept.

The wind whistled through the ears and the sharp sound of the wind outside gave way to panic.

Sherry's back was tightly against the back seat and her eyes were wide open.

Jeremy would never allow Sherry to disobey him or retort to him like this.

"Why did he come to pick you up just now? He comes to pick you up every day? " Jeremy asked again.

Sherry couldn't stand such a fast speed. She felt that her heart was about to jump out of her throat, and she couldn't control her fast beating heart at all!

"Slow down!" Said Sherry, trembling.

Her breath became faster and faster. She stared ahead and didn't dare to close her eyes. She was afraid that if she closed her eyes, the front would become an abyss.

Even if it was a bottomless abyss, Jeremy would jump with her and bury with her.

"Answer my question!" Shouted Jeremy in a low voice.

Sherry couldn't gather her thoughts at all. She just looked ahead blankly and said, "No." She replied casually.

"Slow down!" Sherry suddenly shouted.

She wanted to be reserved and keep cool in front of Jeremy, but the speed was too fast for her to bear.

Most importantly, Jeremy was still stepping on the accelerator and driving faster and faster.

Seeing that he accelerated the car, Sherry suddenly rushed over, grabbed Jeremy's arm and shouted, "Stop, stop!"

The corners of Jeremy's mouth lifted slightly. It seemed that Sherry was about to jump into his arms. She must be frightened and wanted to find someone to rely on.

"If you are afraid, just hold me." Said Jeremy.

It turned out that there was such a method that could make Sherry surrender.

But Sherry was a stubborn woman. Even if he drove the car to the cliff, she would not do such a thing that felt extremely humiliated.

"No way!" She blurted out.

Her words immediately made Jeremy in a bad mood. He moved his lips and showed a malicious expression, which hurt Sherry's eyes.


ouldn't help but widen her eyes and look at him. She didn't expect him to say such words.

"You!" She was so angry that she threw something at him.

It was a decoration in the car. She was so angry that she threw it at his head without hesitation.

Feeling a gust of wind, Jeremy grabbed it and threw it away. "I just tell the truth. What? You don't like to hear this?"

Sherry thought what he said was ridiculous, "Do you still want me to thank you for saying such shameless words?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Jeremy said, "I don't need it. Let me kiss you."

Sherry bit her lips angrily, and her lips had been bitten bright red. At the sight of this, Jeremy suddenly felt a little thirsty.

Originally, he just wanted to humiliate her, and the most important purpose was to get her answer. But when he really brought her here, he seemed to be a little out of control.

"I have never seen you show such an expression to Chester. It seems that you are very obedient in bed, or they won't love you all the time."

"Shut up!" Sherry couldn't help shouting.

With a complacent smile on his face, Jeremy asked, "Am I wrong?"

After saying that, he suddenly reached out his hand. Sherry immediately turned around and was about to unfasten her seat belt.

However, Jeremy unbuckled the seat belt before her. Sherry said angrily, "Let me go!"

As soon as she finished speaking, her wrist was grabbed. Jeremy pulled her wrist and pulled her over.

He pulled her so hard that Sherry couldn't help falling on him.

"Ah!" She screamed and felt dizzy. Then she smelled Jeremy.

The smell of tobacco and his steady and powerful heartbeat surprised Sherry.

She had nowhere to put her hand, so she put it against his chest all of a sudden. Jeremy immediately held her hand and stretched it into his shirt.

"You! Too Shameless! " Sherry stared at him in shock and pulled her hand out angrily.

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