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   Chapter 395 Have You Made Up Your Mind

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Jeremy asked her to leave Jeffery and go to Jeremy's side.

Seeing her expression, Jeffery was keenly aware of something and asked, "Have you seen the news?"

Sherry hesitated for two seconds and nodded.

Jeffery smiled and felt relieved.

He felt good to see that Sherry was worried about him, but he hoped that she would not worry too much. He could handle it no matter what happened.

But on the surface, Jeffery was innocent and innocent. "Don't look at me like that, as if you are pitiful for me."

Sherry withdrew her gaze and looked down at her fingers.

Jeffery patted the bedside and said softly, "Sit here."

Glancing at his hand, he patted the edge of the bed with his slender and fair fingers and talked to her in a low and soft tone.

A girl's heart probably became soft when hearing such a voice. Sherry was an ordinary person and thought she shouldn't have too much contact with Jeffery.

If it weren't for the car accident, Jeffery wouldn't have confessed his love to her and there wouldn't be so much embarrassment between them.

Sherry sat on the edge of the bed and stared at him.

Suddenly, Jeffery rubbed her hair with his slender fingers and said in a low voice, "I don't want you to worry about me."

Sherry was stunned and her back was stiff.

"It's a pity, if I don't have the ability to protect you, I will feel it.." Jeffery looked into her eyes deeply and said with regret.

Sherry shook her head, "I don't need protection!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Jeffery suddenly stretched out his hand and hugged Sherry.

"You!" Sherry was shocked and wanted to push Jeffery away.

But Jeffery was covered with wounds all over his body. Wherever she touched, there were wounds all over his body. She didn't dare to exert too much strength.

"Don't move! Let me hug you! " Jeffery sniffed her body and said eagerly.

When Sherry's hand accidentally touched his leg, she was frightened and immediately took her hand back. And Jeffery's muffled hum made her dare not move at all.

"I can give Jeremy whatever he wants. I don't care about money or shares!" Jeffery rested his chin on her shoulder and said.

"I don't care anything. I just want you!" Jeffery said seriously.

Burying herself in his arms, Sherry breathed the faint smell of his body and felt the steady and powerful heartbeat of his chest, completely stunned for a while.

"As long as you stay with me, nothing else is more important than you!" Murmured Jeffery.

Sherry took a few deep breaths. She didn't know that Jeffery had been controlling his emotions these days.

He wanted to confess his love to her in the past, but at that time he was not strong enough. Now he had the ability to protect her from wind and rain. He was confident that he could give her and her children a future.

But what Sherry didn't know was that now Jeffery h

t my affair with her." Jeremy's voice was even colder than Chester's.

Sherry pursed her lips and felt that Jeremy's cold eyes were fixed on her.

"She spends her time on your Ou Family every day. Now it's her free time. She can decide where to go." Said Chester.

Hearing his words, Jeremy smiled scornfully and looked at Sherry, "Really, is that so? Then let's listen to her own decision. "

Then he let go of Sherry.

Seeing that he loosened his grip, Chester also loosened his grip. Both of them looked at Sherry, waiting for her answer.

Sherry didn't say anything. She was struggling in her mind. The moment Jeremy loosened his grip, she raised her head and looked at Jeremy again.

This time, he didn't show that lip shape, but she could see the meaning in his eyes.

Sherry kept silent all the time. With a sneer, Chester said, "It seems that she doesn't want to go with you."

Perhaps Jeremy was a little impatient to wait, he grabbed Sherry's arm again and pulled her directly into his car.

"Jeremy! She doesn't want to go with you! " Chester rushed up at once.

When Chester was about to grab Sherry, Sherry reached out to stop him and shook her head at him with a frown.

Chester paused and looked at Sherry in silence.

The meaning in her eyes was obvious, she was asking Chester not to interfere.

Following Jeremy, Sherry was dragged into his car.

Jeremy was not gentle at all. He threw her into the car and slammed the door. Then he turned around, walked to the driver's seat and started the car without saying anything.

Standing behind the car, Chester watched the car speeding away and thought for a while.

Sitting in the car, the car was thrown out before Sherry could fasten the seat belt.

"What do you want from me?" Asked Sherry.

Although Jeremy drove very fast, it was acceptable.

"Have you made up your mind?" Jeremy asked without looking at her.

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