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   Chapter 394 He Won't Die

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"He won't die." A cold voice came from behind.

Hearing his voice, Sherry was stunned. She became extremely angry, clenching her fists, and her nails deeply embedded in her palms.

"I'm not as cold-blooded as you. I won't even have any reaction when I see my father fall in front of me." Sherry said without looking back.

Jeremy could tell from her tone that she was very dissatisfied with what he did and said just now.

But he didn't think he had done anything wrong. This was the way he did things. He would never tolerate anything or anyone and would make a move when it was time. Otherwise, if he was a little late and missed it, it would not be just a trivial matter.

"I'm cold-blooded. Aren't you cold-blooded?" Jeremy asked behind her.

When he had a car accident that year, didn't Sherry leave without looking back?

Now she came to criticize him and said that he was cold-blooded. It was so ridiculous!

"At least I won't say something like that to my father!" Said Sherry angrily.

All of a sudden, Jeremy grabbed her arm. With a little force, he turned around and faced Sherry.

Looking at the inquisitive eyes of Jeremy, as if he was even angrier than her, he said, "Yes, you are not cold-blooded to anyone, but to me!"

Sherry's lips moved, "It's you who want to provoke me. You can just leave me alone!"

"Me? Let me ask you, who on earth did we provoke when we first met? " Jeremy said angrily.

On the first day Sherry came back to China, when she went to a restaurant for dinner, it was Lucas who went to see Jeremy first. That was why they met for the first time after she came back.

What happened later was all because of that encounter.

Sherry's heart was slightly stung. Even if she provoked him, she would not admit it.

"But I didn't expect you to be so shameless. We just met once, but you insisted on pestering me!" Sherry looked up at him and said casually.

Jeremy was so angry that he couldn't breathe. There had never been a woman like Sherry who was even disdainful of him when he was close to her.

This made him feel a deep sense of frustration, and he also felt that he could not conquer such a woman!

"Well, it's all my fault. I provoked you. I did it myself! So I'm cold-blooded, but why... " The corners of Jeremy's mouth moved, but he couldn't help but ask, "Why did you leave when I had a car accident?"

Sherry opened her mouth slightly, and there was a moment of dullness in her eyes.

She still didn't know that the day she went abroad was exactly the day when Jeremy had a car accident. She thought that Jeremy had a car accident after she left.

"How could you say that you are not cold-blooded?" Said Jeremy bitterly.

He knew that when Sherry left him on the day of his car accident, her heart was like bei

e wanted her to know who was the one that she could rely on.

Sherry murmured without saying anything. Seeing that she was in a dilemma, Jeremy said, "You don't have to answer me now. I'll give you time to think about it."

After saying that, he gave her a flirtatious smile, turned around and left.

The light of the operating room was still on, but Jeremy left without looking back, as if he had completely forgotten about John.

Looking at his receding figure, Sherry finally felt relieved.

It was not until Jeremy left Sherry that he showed a painful expression.

It seemed that even in this way, he couldn't let Sherry promise him immediately.

Now in the eyes of Sherry, he must be a real bad guy.

He walked to the elevator alone, absent-minded, and kept a distance from Sherry. These days, his heart had been hanging on her, while Sherry juts cared about Jeffery all the time.

He had never experienced such a feeling. It turned out that loving someone who didn't love him would be so painful.

After the operation finished successfully, John was pushed out. Sherry called the nanny of Ou family and went to the ward of Jeffery.

"Why are you so late?" Jeffery asked.

Sherry didn't say anything, but looked tired. Seeing her absent-minded look, Jeffery knew that Sherry must have seen the news in the morning.

"Your father had an accident this morning. The doctor had checked on him, so I was delayed for a while." Said Sherry unhurriedly.

Hearing this, Jeffery frowned, "Is he okay?"

How could a heart attack be nothing serious?

But Sherry still didn't tell the truth. Anyway, the operation was successful now. She didn't know what was going on until John woke up. "Nothing serious. Don't worry!"

Jeffery's lips moved. He didn't care much about his father anyway.

After saying that, Sherry looked up at Jeffery.

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