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   Chapter 393 A Heart Attack

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"Crack!" The sound was followed by the splashing of fragments. Being stung by the sound, Sherry couldn't help but take a step back, poked her head out in surprise and looked at the scene inside.

"Nonsense! You know what you have done. You dare not admit it!" Sitting on the bed and wearing a hospital gown, John shouted angrily.

He felt like he was under house arrest by Jeremy. Because he fainted before, the doctor said that he had high blood pressure and must control his temper. But how could a man like him admit defeat and admit that he was old now?

Now that he knew that he was in poor health, he shouldn't get angry easily. But John couldn't understand the doctor's hard work.

"I know what I have done. I hope you can also know what you are doing." Jeremy said meaningfully.

Through the glass window, Sherry saw Jeremy. He still had a cold expression on his face. He stood straight in front of the bed, in a sharp contrast to his old father who was sitting on the bed.

"You! How dare you blame me? I'm asking you, did you do that? " John's face turned red with anger.

Raising the corners of his mouth, Jeremy said as if nothing had happened, "I did it."

Outside the door, when Sherry heard his confession, her heart seemed to miss a beat.

That was to say, what the news said this morning was true. Did Jeremy really send someone to follow Jeffery and maliciously acquire all the property of him?

"Can you face him for what you have done to him? He is your brother! " John asked with resentment.

Sherry was very conflicted. On the one hand, she thought that Jeremy had gone too far. Jeffery was such a kind person, and she didn't know where Jeffery had offended Jeremy. On the other hand, she felt that John did the wrong thing. He had Jeffery now, then he didn't take Jeremy seriously.

"I'm sorry for him? Shouldn't he feel sorry for me? " Retorted Jeremy.

John was always livid and trembling with anger, while Jeremy was always calm in the face of his questioning.

"What did you say? Why should he feel sorry for you? Did he do anything wrong to you? "

Jeremy looked at the old man in front of him. As expected, his father John doted on his obedient and sensible son Jeffery very much now!

"If he wants to blame someone, he should blame himself, and his shameless mother." Jeremy said mercilessly.

Sherry frowned and thought that what Jeremy said was indeed a little excessive.

"How dare you!" John was so angry that he shouted.

He stretched out his hand and wanted to pick up something next to him and throw it at Jeremy. But for a moment, he didn't know what happened. Maybe he was too angry to move, so he could only stare at Jeremy angrily.

"I didn't go too far." Jeremy replied lightly to his father's bold words.

John was too angry to take a breath. He pointed at Jeremy with his trembling hand and said, "Don't waste your time. I won't give you any property of the Ou family!"

Outside, when Sherry heard

looked at her with a frown and said in a low voice.

Turning her head and glaring at him, Sherry stood up and rang the bell at the bedside. Then she tried hard to lift John up from the ground.

After all, John was a man, well-off and too fat. Sherry couldn't support him at all. She glanced sideways at Jeremy, who was standing there like a wood, and said, "Can't you come here to help me?"

Hearing Sherry's voice, Jeremy slowly looked to John.

Save him? Why did he save him? When Jeremy's mother was sick, did his father ever think of saving her?

What was his father doing when her mother was dying? He was flirting with another woman. When did he take his mother seriously?

In that case, there was no need for him to show mercy. It was time for his father to take responsibility for the mistake he had made.

"Are you cold-blooded?" Seeing him motionless, Sherry questioned him loudly.

Even if it was Adam, her father, who was sick today, Sherry would save him without hesitation.

But what about Jeremy? But he still acted like an onlooker, pretending to be indifferent.

"Yes, I am cold-blooded." Said Jeremy.

Sherry's words brought him back to reality. His eyes became colder and colder as he watched Sherry move his father from the ground to the bed with difficulty.

At this time, the doctor outside rushed over. Sherry didn't have time to talk to Jeremy anymore. "Doctor, check him. He just fainted!"

With several more doctors and a group of nurses rushing in, Sherry was immediately cornered.

Sherry anxiously looked at the doctors and nurses who were in a hurry and could not help at all.

"The patient has a heart attack. Send him to the operating room as soon as possible!" The doctor said in a hurry.

So they sent John to the operating room. Sherry followed them all the way to the outside of the operating room. She saw that the door of the operating room was closed and the light was on. The operation was already going on inside.

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