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   Chapter 392 Rumors

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"Don't worry. I'll go now." said Barry, taking the two hairs carefully.

Then he got on the car and drove away.

Jeremy played games with Kami and Lucas in the room for two hours until they were sleepy.

Looking back at the house, Jeremy started the car and left. He raised the corners of his mouth. If the paternity test showed that Kami and Lucas were his children, then it was useless for Sherry to say anything more.

Barry waited anxiously. When he got the doctor's report, the probability of seeing the parent-child relationship on it was actually 99.99 percent.

After all, they looked like each other. There was no reason for them not to be father and son!

But when Barry looked at the report in his hand, he sighed helplessly. He was also ordered by John to do something.

Even if Jeremy found out and fired him in the future, he had no choice but to do so.

Barry took two more hairs and asked the doctor to identify them.

When they were doing the second identification, Jeremy called to urge him to do it quickly. But Barry could only say that he was still waiting in line.

When the result came out and the probability of parent-child relationship on the paper was zero percent, Barry gave it to Jeremy with relief.

"The probability of parent-child relationship is zero." Holding the identification sheet tightly in his hand, Jeremy repeated the words on it.

Holding his glasses frame, Barry was a little nervous. He tried hard to suppress his nervousness and said, "Yes, Kami and Lucas are not your sons."

The most important thing was that Barry handed over another table. Jeremy picked up the table and looked at it. The probability of parent-child relationship was 99.99 percent!

"Whose is this?" Jeremy asked angrily.

In fact, it was obvious that the names on it were Jeffery, Kami and Lucas!

"The paternity test shows that Kami and Lucas are the sons of Mr. Jeffery." Barry repeated patiently.

Looking at the sheet paper in his hand, Jeremy was silent for a moment.

Then he suddenly tore the two sheets into pieces and raised them in the air.

The pieces of paper floated down in a daze. With a surprised look, Barry saw that Jeremy's face turned from livid to dark.

Barry looked at Jeremy nervously. In his memory, even when the company was in the most difficult time, Jeremy had never shown such an expression.

This time, Jeremy was really furious!

"Fuck off!" Jeremy suddenly shouted.

Startled, Barry swallowed and walked out of Jeremy's office without saying anything.

When he just arrived at the door, he heard Jeremy's angry voice, "Come back!"

Reluctantly, Barry turned around and went back to his office. He bit the bullet and asked, "What else can I do for you?"

"Purchase all the shares of Jeffery abroad right away!" Jeremy raised his voice and said.

Barry looked at him in surprise, "All of them?"

"Yes, including his property, try to grab them from him for me!

John had arranged Jeffery in the company from the very beginni

breath and listened carefully.

It seemed that the voice was not very clear, so it was hard to tell if it was from Jeremy.

Jeremy's voice was very distinctive. Even after more than twenty years, Sherry could recognize him as long as she heard a word from him.

But now, she hesitated and was not sure that whether it was Jeremy's voice.

"Besides, Jeffery is abroad now. You can ask someone to follow him. What he has done must be reported to me. If you do it well, I will give you more money."

It was a long recording, and only a part of it was played on TV, and they were all very important points.

Sherry wanted to hear more, but the screen had been switched to the host.

"Let's watch the next news..."

In order to see and hear clearly, Sherry leaned forward slightly and then slowly relaxed. She leaned back and recalled the news she had just heard.

Did it mean that in order to destroy Jeffery, Jeremy even paid someone to follow Jeffery?

At that time, Jeffery should be still abroad, but he didn't know that Jeremy had been operating secretly behind his back, and everything about him was under the control of Jeremy.

Now, if Jeffery didn't do as what Jeremy wanted, Jeremy would try to kill him.

Sherry couldn't help shivering. She quickly cleared up her messy thoughts and continued to make breakfast.

With breakfast in her hand, Sherry went to the hospital. When she passed by the ward where John was in, the door was ajar, and Sherry was not interested in paying attention to him. When she was about to pass by, she heard a familiar voice from inside.

"So? What actions are you going to take for him? " Jeremy's unruly voice came from inside.

Sherry couldn't help slowing down her pace and listening carefully to the sound inside.

The sound "Crack!" came from inside suddenly! The sound was followed by the splashing of fragments. Being stung by the sound, Sherry couldn't help but take a step back, poked her head out in surprise and looked at the scene inside.

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