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   Chapter 391 Paternity Test

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How could he say that Kami and Lucas were his children..

Sherry's mind was running fast. She remembered that she hadn't told either Barry or Zoe, so they couldn't tell this to Jeremy.

When she was pregnant, Chester told the media that the baby was his.

Sherry immediately calmed down, took a deep breath and said calmly, "No."

Her two words denied the idea of Jeremy thought for a night.

After thinking for a whole night, Jeremy decided to ask Sherry, but she still refused.

Jeremy put down his hand and let go of her. He took a step back slightly. Sherry was finally free and could breathe freely.

Sherry cautiously looked at Jeremy and found that he looked a little dispirited. It was obvious that he didn't want the answer Sherry gave him.

Of course, Kami and Lucas were your kids, said Sherry in her heart.

Except for Jeremy, she would probably not marry another man in her life, let alone have a child with another man.

She moved her lips and looked at Jeremy, who was so weak and pale at this moment. She was afraid that he would be depressed, as if she had suffered a great blow.

But soon, Sherry woke up.

Jeffery was the one he needed to care about the most now. After knowing that his leg was broken, he looked as usual, but who knew if his heart would become dark and gloomy?

"Then why did you divorce me?" Jeremy asked again.

There were only one or two things in the past that he could make clear about now.

After all, he still didn't believe in Sherry, Barry, and Zoe.

"No reason. I didn't love you anymore, so I divorced you." Sherry replied quickly.

She always remembered the reason why they divorced. She remembered that Zoe pressed her step by step, that Linda ruined her reputation, and that Jeremy didn't believe her from beginning to end.

It was too hard for her to maintain such a marriage. It took her too much energy. It was better for her to divorce.

"If you don't love me anymore, who are you in love with?" Said Jeremy, raising the corners of his mouth.

It was Barry who told him the gossip between Sherry and Steve. Later, it was confirmed from the drunken mouth of Steve.

She was also close to Chester and Jeffery. Anyway, the man must be one of the three people who made Sherry fall in love with someone else.

"It's..." Sherry hesitated and didn't know who to say.

Seeing that she hesitated for a while, Jeremy took her words and said, "Is it Jeffery?"

Sherry was stunned and looked up at Jeremy.

Looking at her stunned expression, she was also surprised, Jeremy's heart slowly sank. "It's really him."

Sherry didn't say anything. She was just surprised, which assured Jeremy.

Sherry pursed her lips and didn't deny it.

She didn't expect that until now, Jeremy still liked to be so suspicious. It seemed that memory loss could not change a person's habits. Jeremy was still the same as before.

"You fell in love with him and cheated on me, so you divorced me?" Asked Jeremy.

Perhaps it was because Sherry had paid much importance

while. Jeremy missed them so much that he almost forgot his business when he saw them.

"Can I play with you today?" Jeremy put them down, pinched their faces and said.

Besides his business, Jeremy also wanted to be closer to them.

The two kids immediately cheered up, "Great!"

Jeremy was born with the ability to play with them, which made him more suspicious of what Sherry said. He always felt that his relationship with Kami and Lucas should be unusual.

"What has Mommy been doing these days?" The two kids surrounded Jeremy closely. As soon as Jeremy sat on the sofa, they threw themselves into his arms spontaneously and said like a spoiled child.

They didn't know that Jeffery had a car accident yet, and it was unnecessary to tell the children about it.

"Your mommy needs to go to work!" Said Jeremy.

He said as he stroked the hair of the two babies.

They didn't feel something strange. It would be easy for him to find some hair on their clothes.

"I heard that mommy is working in your company now!" Lucas suddenly pouted and shouted, "Why don't you give her a holiday? Mommy is so tired. We will feel sorry for her! "

Jeremy smiled awkwardly. He had no choice but to take the blame.

"I'll give her a few days off. She's too busy these days!" Jeremy had to bite the bullet and said.

"You must take good care of Mommy!" Kami said calmly.

They all loved their mommy very much. Jeremy knew that he liked them more and more, hoping that they were his children.

After waiting outside for almost two hours, Barry saw Jeremy come out.

Barry knew that Jeremy spoiled the two children very much, but there was no need to stay with them for so long!

When Barry saw Jeremy, he got out of the car and greeted him respectfully, "Mr. Jeremy."

Jeremy handed him a few hairs. He didn't know whose hair it was. As long as one of them was his child, the other one would definitely be his.

"I want it done as soon as possible. I hope the result will come out soon." Jeremy ordered.

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