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   Chapter 390 Was The Baby Mine

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He quietly looked at these two things, both of which belonged to Sherry and were in his hands.

However, even so, he knew little about her. What happened in the past? Did he hurt Sherry, made her refuse to admit him, or did she betray him?

He tried hard to find a trace of the past. At the beginning, the more he thought about it, the more headache he felt. But now, it was not a headache, but a sense of loss.

He would rather have a headache, at least to prove that he still had feelings.

"Why? Why did you lie to me?" He picked up the photo on the table and gently rubbed the smile face of Sherry on the photo with his fingers.

Jeremy sighed deeply. Anger and sadness welled up in his heart. He had never been so sad like today.

On the second day, Jeremy went out early.

He drove fast all the way to the hospital.

In the car behind them, Barry adjusted his glasses and started the car expressionlessly. He followed Jeremy's car, yawning while driving.

He didn't expect that Jeremy would come out so early. Fortunately, he had been here early, or he would have missed him.

When Jeremy arrived at the hospital, he rushed directly to the ward where Jeffery was. As soon as he entered, he saw Sherry taking care of Jeffery.

"Can you sit up?" Sherry's voice came from the room.

Jeremy saw that Sherry was holding Jeffery's waist to make him straighten and put a pillow behind his waist.

"I'm not hit on the waist. I can do it myself." Jeffery said helplessly.

Sherry pursed her lips and looked after Jeffery as if she was taking care of a child.

"I brought you dumplings today. I made them myself." Sherry asked Jeffery to sit up against the pillow, picked up the lunch box on the table and said with a smile.

"What kind of filling? I only eat meat fillings! " Jeffery took the lunch box and smelt it. The delicious smell made Jeremy even angrier.

"I know you have a big appetite, so I cooked a lot. Take your time." Looking at his contented look, Sherry said helplessly.

Her cooking had always been very good, and her cooking had always been full of color, fragrance and taste..

"You'd better not come here every day. It's too hard." Jeffery suddenly said while eating.

There was a trace of pity in his eyes.

He really felt sorry for her. He didn't want to see her on both sides every day. She didn't care about her family and stayed with him in the hospital every day.

However, Sherry said, "It doesn't matter. Anyway, I don't have anything to do. Taking care of you is my biggest task!"

Hearing this, Jeffery stopped chewing and looked up at her.

When they looked at each other, Sherry's eyes were full of tenderness and a trace of shame.

At the same time, Jeremy, who was standing outside the door, was almost driven mad by jealousy.

Taking care of Jeffery was her most important task. Then how could she leave without looking back when he had a car accident?

Did she really have no feelings for him at that time? Or did she fall

pressed her emotions. But Jeremy's questioning day by day made her almost unable to hold on.

"Did you acquiesce in it just now?" Jeremy dragged her into the corridor and pressed her against the wall, with one hand holding her arm and the other supporting her elbow against the wall, tightly surrounding her around his chest.

Sherry took a careful breath to avoid touching Jeremy.

"So what? It's all over. " Sherry finally admitted it.

After so many days of questioning, she finally admitted it herself.

Jeremy stared at Sherry in a daze. She admitted it suddenly made him a little confused and he almost forgot what to say next.

"So? What else do you want? What good will it do to you if you know that we have been married? " Asked Sherry, taking the lead.

She really didn't know why Jeremy was so entangled with the past. Was it really so important?

If it was a happy memory, she was willing to admit it, but unfortunately, those memories were all filled with sadness, tears and blood, and there was nothing worth to remember.

"It doesn't matter to you because you remember everything, but to me, it is very important." Looking into Sherry's eyes, Jeremy said seriously.

How could she not know? He felt that all those years seemed to be in vain, directly jumping to five years ago.

Sherry remembered everything. Of course she didn't know his mood, and of course she would stand there and say something like that.

"Now that you know, I think that Zoe and Barry have already told you about other things. Since you have known everything, there is no need to ask me again." Said Sherry.

She didn't care whether Zoe told the truth to Jeremy or not. Now she just needed to take good care of Jeffery to atone for her sin.

"Where about the children?" Jeremy suddenly changed the topic to Kami and Lucas.

Sherry's face suddenly changed. She looked at Jeremy vigilantly. Noticing her difference, Jeremy continued to ask, "Kami and Lucas, they are my children, right?"

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