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   Chapter 386 Your Hair

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Jeremy leaned against a wall and clenched his fists tightly. While he watched over, his body emanated a cold aura that could scare anyone.

"That's easy for you to say. You don't have to pretend to shed tears right now. If you're harboring some sort of revenge towards our family, you can come to me directly. Jeffery has never done anything to you, so you don't have to have to hurt him!"

As soon as John finished his words, he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps from behind him. Sherry eyes veered behind him and saw that Jeremy was walking towards them.

With a face of utter nonchalance, Jeremy gave Sherry a quick glance before fixing his gaze on John.

"It's time for you to rest," Jeremy said lightly as he stood behind John.

Shocked from his words, John turned around to look at him. With outright disbelief, he asked, "What did you say to me?"

The same cold expression remained on Jeremy's face as he continued, "The doctor just said that you were stimulated and haven't fully recovered yet. You shouldn't be out for too long. Since you've been able to visit Jeffery, you can go back to your ward to rest now."

John was furious hearing these words and he was unable to understand how his son could talk to him that way.

"I ended up stimulated all because of that woman!" John yelled, pointing his trembling finger towards Sherry.

Sherry simply allowed John to point his fingers at her and curse at her ferociously. She didn't dodge away from his bickering and most certainly did not retaliate.

"The doctor will be arriving shortly to take you back to your ward," Jeremy said, completely ignoring his father's words.

John stared at him with hard staring eyes while red and blue veins popped out from his forehead. "You... How could you treat your father this way for a woman? Not just any woman, in fact, a woman like her!"

As the elder, John didn't respect anyone younger than him, but he also couldn't put the blame on anyone else. Jeremy's actions was clearly motivated by Sherry and now he was seething with jealousy. Jeremy listened to his father impatiently and said, "I'm only doing this for your health."

Jeremy pursed his lips together. He had an urge to mention that people his age could easily have a stroke from emotional tension, but decided it was best to resist it. By that point, he was worried that if he said anything more, his father would really end up getting a stroke.

"Well, I'm feeling perfectly fine. I need to drive this woman away now. Sherry, you need to go away!" John snorted, pushing Jeremy aside.

However, Jeremy stood as strong as an iron wall. John's force wasn't enough to shake him at all.

"Mr. Ou!" Around the same time, a doctor in a white gown came inside.

John was ready to teach Sherry a lesson, but when he heard the doctor's voice, his face immediately darkened. He look at Jeremy with a cold expression.

Jeremy's face remained expressionless, with eyes that drifted towards Sherry.

Sherry kept up a meek and compliant demeanor. She had never revealed this side of her to Jeremy before.

She even made a lifelong promise to take care of Jeffery without hesitating whatsoever. The thought of this almost drove Jeremy mad. The most detestable part was that she even said that she was willing to take care of Jeffery, even if that meant that she couldn't get married.

This woman was so stubborn that it made him want to teach her a lesson.

"Mr. Ou, why are you out of your ward? You aren't close to recovery yet, so you shouldn't be leaving your bed so often." The doctor walked towards John and looked at him with a frown.

Jeremy puckered his lips while his father glared at him with an enraged exp

s handing to Jeremy. He simply took it from her and said in a soft voice, "Thank you."

The nurse smiled at him and glanced at Sherry. When she saw the red mark on Sherry's face, her gaze fell on it several times before she walked out to leave.

"If there's nothing else, I'll be going ahead," said Sherry.

Expectedly, Jeremy had to refuse and stop her. He grabbed Sherry by her hand and dragged her to a bench nearby. He pushed down on her shoulders and made her sit down.

"If you only brought me here to ask me about these boring, mundane questions, I really don't want to waste any more time talking nonsense with you!" As soon as Jeremy loosened his grip on her shoulder, Sherry immediately stood up and wanted to leave.

"I don't have the time for nonsense either!" answered Jeremy in a deep, jarring voice while he pushed her down to sit on the bench again. "Stop moving and sit still!"

It wasn't often that Jeremy talked to her in such a fierce, commanding voice.

Upon hearing this, Sherry had no choice but to submit, so she sat on her seat obediently while glaring at Jeremy with her round eyes.

Jeremy took out the ointment and dipped the cotton swab inside. He gently dabbed it on her red cheek with his other hand.

At first, Sherry felt a slight tinge of pain, but soon enough a cool feeling was felt on her cheek.

Jeremy moved closer to her and looked at her face. Sherry was surprised about his actions, but she stood still as a statue and didn't dare to move.

His movements were gentle, softly dragging her fingers across her cheek.

"He's slapped you twice by now. It must really hurt," Jeremy finally said after some silence while he continued to rub the ointment on her cheek.

She was slapped just several days ago on the same day that Jeffery was sent to the hospital. One of her cheeks had already recovered, but now she was slapped on the other cheek.

When he finished applying the medicine, Sherry hastily moved back to keep a distance between her and Jeremy.

Noticing her subtle hints of avoidance, Jeremy stared deeply into her eyes.

"Thank you, but now I have to leave." Sherry was finding it difficult to breath properly by now, so when she spoke, she made sure to make it direct and clear.

When she turned around to leave, once again, Jeremy pulled her back.

"What else do you want?" Sherry asked with a deep frown.

"Your hair is a mess," said Jeremy, looking at her hair that was left disheveled.

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