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   Chapter 385 Make A Lifelong Commitment

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"So, you can't blame yourself for everything, understand?" Said Chester.

After being silent for a few seconds, Sherry stared at him blankly. At last, she nodded her head reluctantly.

Although she looked like this, she might not think so in her heart.

If it were someone else, he would also blame himself for this!

Chester sighed in his heart and held Sherry in his arms, giving her a place to rely on. "Then, what are you going to do in the future?"

Sherry wiped her tears with Chester's handkerchief. After listening to his words, she was silent for two seconds and said, "No matter what, I have to be responsible for this matter."

She should be responsible for her fault, and let Zoe be responsible for her own!

"If you have any problem, you must tell me immediately!" Chester tightened his grip on her shoulder.

Sherry nodded in his arms and said nothing.

She cried for a while, and it was over. After sending Chester away, she waited outside for a long time. She didn't enter the ward until her eyes were not so red and swollen.

As soon as she came in, she saw Jeffery stretching out his hand to get the water glass on the table.

Shocked, Sherry rushed over and complained, "What do you want? Just tell me. You can't get out of bed now!"

Seeing her coming in and seeing her nervous and complaining, Jeffery smiled and said, "I just want to drink some water. Since you are not here, I won't bother you."

As soon as Sherry heard the word "bother", her heart was like being pressed by something weighing thousands of pounds, and she could hardly breathe.

"Let me help you!" Sherry said in a hoarse voice, poured him a glass of water and handed it to him.

Jeffery took a big sip of water from the glass in Sherry's hand, which made Sherry even more sad.

Originally, Jeffery should not have been like this since he had four perfect limbs.

But now he... Sherry didn't even dare to look at his legs!

She had been busy in the hospital for several days. She went home late at night every day and came to the hospital early in the morning. Knowing that she had something to do, Jeremy approved a long-term fake for her.

Every day, Sherry was so busy that she fell asleep immediately. But after she fell asleep, she would dream of that terrible scene. Helplessly, she could only make herself busier so that she could forget such a scene.

She covered the quilt for Jeffery, seeing he was falling asleep, she then turned off the light at the bedside. There was only a dim light in the room.

Jeffery breathed evenly. Then she packed up her things and was about to leave.

As soon as she turned around, a figure swayed behind the transparent glass on the window of the door, but Sherry didn't see it. She was too tired to pay attention to these strange scenes.

She came out of the ward and walked towards the elevator.

Jeremy came out from the corner, stared at the direction in which Sherry left, and then looked at the closed door of the ward.

It had been the fourth day. It was the fourth day that She

or's words that Jeffery might be disabled, he was on the verge of death. His chips that he had always had were destroyed by this woman again!

Jeremy seemed to have been drugged by her, and Jeffery couldn't escape now. John really didn't know how he had offended this woman. The whole Ou family was played by her!

"His legs are paralyzed now. How can you take care of him? How long can you take care of him? All your life? " Asked John.

Even if she was willing to, John was not willing to!

Sherry didn't know how to answer this question. She just came here every day, but she didn't know how long she could take care of Jeffery.

But, just let her keep taking care of him! That was all she could do now.

"I will take care of him until he recovers!" Said Sherry, "I will take care of her until the end."

She said firmly and looked up at John with a serious look in her eyes.

She didn't dare to look into his eyes before and felt sorry for him. Now she could finally find the answer in her heart. Although she still felt guilty, at least she dared to look into his eyes.

"Huh!" Sherry's promise earned a sneer from John.

His face was still pale, but his words were full of energy. "Didn't you hear what the doctor said? He would be paralyzed and never be able to stand up again in his life! "

John's heart was aching. Jeffery was still so young. He had just returned home from abroad and John was waiting for him to carry out his ambitions, but now this evil woman had destroyed all of this.

"Then I will take care of him for the rest of my life." Said Sherry.

Just then, Jeremy came out of the door and heard the voice of Sherry and her words.

He stopped, stood at the door and listened quietly.

"Don't you need to get married all your life? Will your future husband allow you to take care of another man? " John said aggressively.

Sherry's lips moved, and she showed a faint smile. "So what? A lifetime is a lifetime. "

She owed Jeffery and she was willing to pay it back with her whole life.

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