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   Chapter 382 Killing Three Birds With One Stone

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Zoe impatiently took out her phone with no intentions of answering the call. However, when she saw who was calling, she discreetly moved to a corner where no one could see or hear her to answer the call.

"Hey, the job's done. When are you going to make the payment?" the man on the other end of the line asked in a low and cold voice.

Zoe cursed inwardly, 'The nerve to ask for a payout so soon!'

She spat, "Hmph, you hit the wrong person. How dare you ask me for money!"

It was the driver who had hit Jeffery.

The driver said angrily, "What do you mean? You're not going to pay me?"

Gritting her teeth, Zoe said, "I asked you to hit the woman. Why did you hit the man? You hit the wrong person. I'm not giving you any money!"

The driver wasn't having any of it as he growled, "What did you just say? I don't care. It was you who asked me to hit him. It wasn't my fault the man defended her. That was his choice. That's none of my business. Are you paying me or not?"

Zoe scowled.

She had planned all this to kill Sherry so that all her money would go to her.

What she didn't realize was that there were two men who were standing in her way. With everything going on at home and Sherry seemingly living a good life, her money could really come in handy for solving their family issues.

She couldn't believe that this ignorant driver had hit the wrong person. How the hell was she going to get Sherry's money now?

When Zoe didn't answer for a long time, the driver said harshly, "What's wrong? You're not going to pay me? Okay then, let me call the police and tell them everything!"

Hearing this, Zoe hurriedly protested, "No! I didn't say I wouldn't pay you!"

She had to play her cards right. If this got out, her life would be over.

If either this driver or Jeffery himself exposed her, her reputation would go down the drain. John wouldn't allow her to marry Jeremy anymore which meant that all her hard work would be all for nothing.

Zoe grew anxious as she racked her mind, trying to figure everything out.

"All right, I'll transfer the money to you tomorrow." Zoe was left with no choice but to make the driver believe her.

"Make sure you do. If I don't get the money by tomorrow noon, don't blame me for what happens to you," the driver threatened in a low voice sending a shiver down Zoe's spine.

She hung up the phone and remembered that she still had bigger fish to fry.

The driver was easy to deal with—all he needed was money to stay quiet. Now how in the hell was she going to get Jeffery to not say anything?

She then heard some noise coming from the corridor. When she looked to check what was happening, she saw that John had fainted and was promptly being taken into a ward.

Jeremy followed as John was carried into the ward leaving Sherry alone outside the operating room. At that time, Sherry's phone began ringing so she walked to the side to answer it.

Just then, Zoe witnessed Jeffery being brought to the general ward.

Zoe took adv

Jeffery suddenly showing up meant that the Ou Group's property was going to have to be divided among more people and Zoe did not like that at all.

"As long as you tell him that, he's going to believe you. If he does, your father will definitely punish Jeremy. Plus, Sherry is so good to you. If she finds out that it was Jeremy who hurt you, she's going to hate Jeremy even more."

Zoe smiled with satisfaction.

Jeffery listened quietly as Zoe blabbered on.

"Then John is going to stop blaming Sherry. Isn't that great? It's like killing three birds with one stone!" Zoe said, her eyes shining with longing.

"Killing three birds with one stone? Three birds? So I frame Jeremy to sabotage his position in the Ou Group. Then I make Sherry hate Jeremy and my father lets Sherry off the hook. Am I right?" Jeffery said.

Zoe clapped her hands and said in a tone of approval, "Yes, that's it!"

In fact, it was more than killing three birds with one stone for Jeffery.

It seemed like a good plan but he couldn't shake off the strange feeling that was surging in his chest.

"Am I right to remember that you liked Jeremy before?" Jeffery asked.

The smile on Zoe's face disappeared. She couldn't understand why Jeffery would suddenly bring this up.

"How could you ask me to frame him like this? I feel weird about this. The driver who hit me was able to escape but there was probably a surveillance camera nearby. Even if the car didn't have a license plate number, the police could easily scour all the surveillance videos in the city and trace the driver."

No matter how well-executed a plan was, there was bound to be some trace or evidence lying around somewhere. Jeffery firmly believed that they could catch the driver.

He turned his head to look at Zoe, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "Were you behind this whole thing? Is that why you want to frame Jeremy?"

Zoe pursed her lips, not knowing what to say.

Jeffery could see right through Zoe despite her acting.

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