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   Chapter 380 Are You Okay

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In the blink of an eye, a black figure rushed over like a gust of wind. Sherry felt that her body was pushed hard forward!

She was pushed out and fell to the ground unprepared. She heard the sound of the tire rubbing the ground behind her, making a sharp and harsh sound.

"Oh my God!" Not knowing what terrible scene she had seen, Anna covered her mouth and exclaimed.

Sherry's arm was supported on the ground, and it was very painful. Fortunately, she just skinned her elbows. It all just happened so fast. Before she could react, she was pushed out by someone.

By the way, she was pushed out. Sherry turned around and saw the man in front of the car.

It was Jeffery!

He was wearing a white shirt. The blood flowed down his cheeks and soon stained the white shirt.

"Je... Jeffery... " Sherry was almost speechless.

Hearing her voice, Jeffery tried hard to open his eyes and look at her.

At this time, the driver seemed to know that the accident had happened. Without thinking, he turned a corner and ran away. The car drove away.

"Hey, don't run!" Adam shouted from behind.

Unfortunately, the car had disappeared from his sight, and the car was not photographed. Maybe it was a reckless newbie driver.

Sherry tried to stand up from the ground with her hands on her back, and at this time, she heard the footsteps behind her and looked back.

Jeffery stood up unexpectedly. The blood on his face was so frightening that people could hardly breathe.

"Jeffery!" Somehow, Sherry didn't know where the strength came from, stood up and hugged him

"Are you okay?" Jeffery asked.

When Sherry heard his voice, weak and low, as if he was about to lose his breath, she quickly shook her head and said, "I'm okay!"

"That's fine..." At last, Jeffery gave her a reassuring smile and slowly closed his eyes in her arms.

At that moment, Sherry felt a lump in her throat and a tear fell down.

Zoe and Anna stood side by side. They looked at each other in horror.

Although John had never admitted it to the public, they all knew that Jeffery was his illegitimate son. Now John attached great importance to him and even get him to be the vice president of the Ou Group.

If something happened to Jeffery, the Xu family would be doomed.

"Jeffery, wake up!" Sherry patted him on the face and shouted anxiously.

But he didn't respond at all. Sherry really had no strength and sat on the ground with him in her arms.

There were also a pile of white paper and folders scattered on the ground, which were given to her by him.

Looking at the pile of white paper and the man with his eyes closed, Sherry felt extremely sad and bitter.

"Ahem, don't waste time. Send him to the hospital now!" Said Adam suddenly.

Holding his head, his blood also stained Sherry's body.

Hearing her father's voice, Sherry turned to look at him.

The sad expression on her face just now became very cold. It seemed t

's true. Sherry was running on the road and didn't know how to dodge when the car came. Jeffery happened to be next to her. In order to protect her, he was hit by the car and his head was covered with blood. Now he is being rescued in the hospital!"

Fortunately, Anna had learned her before she came, or she would be too scared to say a complete sentence.

"What did you say? Did he have a car accident in order to save Sherry? " John grabbed her arm with great strength, which scared her to shrink her neck and almost made her legs weak.

"Yes! Please go and have a look! " Zoe cried loudly.

"This bitch!" John spat and walked out quickly. He called the driver as he walked.

Seeing him leave angrily, Zoe finally felt relieved.

As soon as Jeremy arrived at the villa, he saw his father's car driving out. He frowned and was about to say that his father specially called him here, but why did he go out again? He saw a person coming out from the door.

It was Zoe. He looked at her a few times and found that she was in a hurry and did not notice his car.

This was strange. When she saw his car before, she always had rushed over, but why did she just ignore it today?

When Jeremy got out of the car, he happened to meet the housekeeper at home. Seeing him, he said respectfully, "Mr. Jeremy, Mr. John just went out."

"Well, why is Zoe here?" Asked Jeremy.

The housekeeper looked embarrassed, but he still said, "Miss Zoe came to tell Mr. John that Mr. Jeffery had a car accident and is in the hospital now."

Hearing the news, Jeremy didn't look angry or disgusted, always calm.

"A car accident? Is he dead? " Jeremy asked casually.

The housekeeper swallowed, as if he had heard some rebellious words, but he didn't dare to show any expression in front of Jeremy.

"Miss Zoe said that Mr. Jeffery had a car accident in order to save Miss Sherry." The housekeeper observed the expression on Jeremy's face and said cautiously.

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