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   Chapter 378 Should I Thank You

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"You don't have to thank me. We will be a family in the future. This is supposed to be for you!" Emily said with a smile.

Sherry put the ring into her bag and showed a absent-minded expression where Emily and Hiram couldn't see.

She felt ashamed and embarrassed. It was her fault to deceive the two elders.

But when she turned around, she saw Emily take out an envelope from her bag with a big smile on her face. "This is a gift. Take it!"

According to the customs in their hometown, when they met their daughter-in-law for the first time, they must give her some money.

Sherry shook her head. No matter what, she couldn't accept it this time. "No, No. I should be filial to you. How can I let you spend money? Besides, I have accepted the ring!"

However, Emily shoved it into her hand and said with a smile, "You're welcome. It's the first time we meet. It's necessary to give you!"

Sherry was very embarrassed. She looked at Chester and asked him what he meant. He nodded slightly and hinted that she could take it.

Sherry had no choice but to accept it and express her gratitude.

Alas! But she seemed to have made a lot of money by accident after having dinner with his parents.

But these things must be returned to Chester later.

Standing outside the door, Jeremy felt that he was going to explode with anger. Not only did Sherry receive their ancestral ring, but also received a thick stack of money from them.

He was so angry that he couldn't help thinking that if Sherry liked these, he could give all his property to her, let alone such a small ring.

But on second thought, it was a little ridiculous for him to think so. If he was willing to give it to her, Sherry certainly didn't want to accept.

"From now on, you should take good care of Chester. He is a workaholic. I'm afraid that he will forget to eat when he works!" Said Emily.

Hearing this, Sherry twitched the corners of her mouth. It seemed that she had been working so hard that she forgot to eat, and then Chester would appear in time to remind her to eat.

"I know. I will." Said Sherry.

Then they stood up and were about to leave.

When they went out, Emily held Sherry's hand as if they were very close. "You are too thin. You should eat more. You should also take care of yourself. Don't be too tired!"

Sherry thought that Emily was really good to her. She felt uneasy to lie to Emily like this.

But in a twinkling of an eye, she saw Jeremy not far away.

Jeremy was looking at her. Then he looked away and walked to a private room.

When the eyes of Sherry and Jeremy met, she quickly looked away, pretending not to see, and talked to Emily with a smile.

But her heart was in a mess. She was at a loss, frightened and scared.

"We are going back. You two must be fine." In the car, Emily held Sherry's hand and said.

Sherry replied with a smile, "It's not far away. If you want to come, you can come more often!"

Through the rearview mirror, Chester saw the sincere smile on Sherry's face, which made him raise his lips involuntaril

But Anna came up and raised her hand, trying to slap Sherry.

She just couldn't bear to see Sherry's fearless look, as if she was so proud and even didn't even take her father seriously.

"You!" She raised her hand and tried her best to slap Sherry.

But Sherry turned her head and glared at her fiercely. Her eyes were so sharp that Anna couldn't do anything to her.

Sherry remained silent. Just a glance at her made her at a loss and unable to do anything.

"You unfilial daughter!" Since Anna couldn't beat her, she had to put down her hand and began to curse.

"Do you know what you are doing? Do you want to force our whole family to death? " Anna shouted angrily.

Zoe also stood aside and looked at Sherry with burning eyes, as if she was going to eat her.

The whole family felt that their plan was flawless and their choice was absolutely correct. But now, they didn't realize that they had made a huge mistake.

When they let her marry into the Ou family, they thought that he had made a mistake, so they couldn't wait to force Sherry to divorce Jeremy, and then let Zoe marry.

The two sisters were all around the same man, and they were very proud.

But now, they made a mistake again. They must be very upset!

Seeing that they lived such a miserable life, Sherry didn't feel surprised at all. She had always been calm like this, neither happy nor sad.

"Am I an unfilial daughter? I'm not your daughter. Why should I be filial to you? " Asked Sherry.

Anna said angrily, "Without me, you would have been driven out, you know? Or how can you live so many years in the Xu family? "

Sherry's real mother died early, and then Adam immediately married Anna.

At that time, Sherry cried quietly every night. Her mother didn't die long before her father married another woman. It could be seen that how heartless he was.

Now she thought of the days she had when she was a child, it was so "dramatic"!

"Should I thank you for making fun of me and treating me as your servant girl?" Said Sherry flatly.

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