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   Chapter 376 Meet Parents

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Feeling embarrassed, Sherry nodded at Jeffery sincerely and then followed Chester into his car.

Seeing them leave, Jeffery felt disappointed and complicated.

"How did he become the vice president of the Ou Group?" In the car, Chester looked at Jeffery who had been looking at them outside and asked.

Sherry also looked at him. In the car, she waved her hand at Jeffery, indicating that she would see him again.

"Who knows!" Said Sherry flatly.

Of course she knew, because he was the illegitimate child of John.

However, John hadn't announced this to the public yet. He should have planned to let him hide for a while. In this case, there was no need for her to tell others about their family affairs.

"What do you want from me?" It was not until she couldn't see him that Sherry turned her head and said to Chester.

Chester kept silent for two seconds. Seeing that he didn't say anything, Sherry smiled and said, "It's not really a work problem, is it?"

The corner of his lips curved up, revealing a wry smile, "You're right. It has nothing to do with work. It's my private affair."

Sherry nodded, "What's the matter? Just say it. "

"I want you to do me a favor." He wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. In this way, he wanted Sherry to promise him first, "You must promise me."

Sherry didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. "You haven't said anything yet. How can you let me promise you?"

With a sigh of relief, he said stubbornly, "I just want you to promise me first."

Sherry rolled her eyes at him, "What the hell is it? It's so serious. With our friendship, if you ask me to help, I will certainly promise you as long as I can. "

"In fact, it's not difficult for you to make it."

"Then tell me." Sherry pretended to be eager to hear.

Chester had been thinking about how to say it all the way.

He had thought that it was an easy thing for him to say it out, but when he really face her, he felt that it was too embarrassed to tell her.

"My parents hope I can get married as soon as possible and let me take my girlfriend home as soon as possible." Chester said slowly.

If he didn't say it, Sherry wouldn't want to hear it.

But hearing what he said, Sherry thought it was better not to tell her!

The smile on her face gradually faded away, and she probably knew what he was going to say.

"Where can I find a girlfriend?" He said with a smile, "So I think of you."

Sherry didn't say anything. Her face was calm and no one knew what she was thinking.

"I don't really want you to be my girlfriend, and I just want you to pretend to be my girlfriend. Just go back and have dinner with my parents." Chester explained hurriedly.

Of course, Sherry knew what he meant. After all, he had hinted her more than once about his feelings.

Once, he even said it directly in front of her, but Sherry firmly refused.

But it seemed that he didn't give up. He insisted on getting her.

"It's still not good," said Sherry, "How many parents will like people like me?"

As she spoke, he heard a kind of inexplicable sadness.


ed and pretended to be unhappy, "Who am I doing this for? I'm just trying to help you act. Do you think I can hide it from them? "

Hearing her murmuring, his happiness was suddenly extinguished by her words.

He was helpless and depressed. He knew that it was just a show and he couldn't take it seriously.

The car stopped at the entrance of a magnificent hotel, which was covered with a long red carpet, and the sound of high heels stepping on it wouldn't be too noisy.

Chester opened the door of the car gently. With his help, Sherry got out of the car and walked into the hotel with him.

In a private room on the second floor, the door was open. The waiter led two people inside, "Your parents just arrived."

Hearing that they had been waiting there, Sherry was inexplicably nervous.

If they were a real couple, she might not be so nervous, but she was a fake. She was afraid that she would make a mistake and expose her weakness, which would embarrass him.

As soon as she entered the room, she saw his parents sitting opposite her.

She had heard from him that his parents were ordinary people without any worldly prejudice.

Now it seemed that they were really ordinary, not like the father of Jeremy, who gave people an oppressive feeling.

They were sitting on their seats. When they heard the sound, they also looked over and happened to see Sherry coming in.

"Father, mother." Shouted Chester.

Hiram and Emily stood up with a smile and looked at the woman standing beside him.

Sherry smiled. The pink dress on her was very attractive, making her skin more fair and crystal. She didn't have too much jewelry, but she looked elegant and decent.

"Uncle, aunt," said Sherry with a smile, "I'm Sherry."

As she said, she took a look at Chester with a shy look on her face. "I'm Chester's girlfriend."

Hiram and Emily looked at Sherry up and down. Apparently, they were very satisfied with this girl. Their faces were full of smiles. "Hello, nice to meet you. Take a seat. It must be very hot outside. Sit down and have a rest!"

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