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   Chapter 375 Confrontation

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Linda frowned and looked at Jeremy in surprise.

Didn't he lose his memory? How could he remember that he had ever been married to Sherry?

Looking at the expression on Linda's face, Jeremy was more certain that what he guessed was right.

He felt strange when he heard what Linda said this morning.

He suddenly took out a photo and handed it to Linda. "Have I ever married her? Have we been together before?"

Linda rested her eyes on the wedding photo.

There was a big smile on Sherry's face, and on the other hand, there was a cold and unwilling expression on Jeremy's face.

They had been together for more than eight or nine years, but the photo looked still fresh. It could be seen that Sherry had maintained the photo very well at ordinary times.

Linda looked at the photo in silence. Seeing her facial expression, Jeremy wanted to get an affirmative answer more than ever. He said, "You know our past. You must know whether I'm married with her or not."

His marriage with Sherry was a secret. Not many people knew it, but Linda was the one.

She shook her head to deny Jeremy's inner thought, "No."

On the other hand, after hearing her negative answer, Jeremy was still nervous. He calmed down and asked, "What?"

Linda's fingers swept across the photo. On the photo, there was a bright and innocent smile on Sherry's face. She said, "You two have never been married. And Sherry likes you, so she can make up this kind of thing."

Suddenly, Jeremy's smile loosened. He took a close look at Linda and carefully observed the expression on her face.

But Linda was very determined. "She wanted to threaten you in this way, and make you fall in love with her. Jeremy, don't let her deceive you!"

"Enough!" Jeremy tried to stop her from saying more.

Linda opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but it seemed that Jeremy didn't want to hear any more.

He took back the photo and looked at the photo of Sherry.

Compared to the present Sherry, she looked much more innocent and pure in the past. It was not like now that she always hid secrets.

"What I said is true. She has fallen in love with you for a long time, but she is very vicious. You have seen through her long ago. You don't like her at all, but she insists on pestering..."

"I said shut up!" Jeremy roared in a low voice.

Startled by his sudden reproach, Linda didn't dare to say anything. She looked upset.

She had a lot to tell him about the past.

Of course, she embroidered it.

Jeremy's thin gnarled finger gently stroked Sherry's face on the photo. He was stunned by the photo and suddenly stood up.

"Where are you going?" Linda asked anxiously, following him.

"Company." Jeremy said nothing and left the cafe in a hurry.

His figure quickly disappeared in front of her. Staring at the direction he left, Linda raised the corners of her lips and smiled.

She didn't know where the photo in Jeremy's hand came from. But he must have asked Sherry, and Sherry didn't tell him the truth. Or he didn't believe it.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have come to ask her. Although Jeremy used to be nice to her, he hadn't contacted her recently.

A contemp

off work and went downstairs, she saw a person waiting at the elevator entrance.

When Jeffery saw her, he immediately came over. He smiled, "Go home? I can drive you home! "

There were people coming and going after work, but Sherry was used to waiting until everyone left. It was quiet in this way and she wouldn't have to wait the elevator for so long.

But she smiled and frowned, "I told you to keep a distance from me in the company. I can go back myself."

Jeffery shrugged his shoulders, and said in a casual tone, "It's time to get off work, and we keep a long distance from each other!"

Sherry bit her lips, and the two walked out of the company building together, and then they saw a familiar car coming over.

The man who got out of the car was Chester.

She hadn't seen Chester for a long time. The last time she saw him was at the launch event of the new products.

He recognized her as Elizabeth. They were chatting a little bit and happened to be seen by Jeremy. She felt sorry for getting others involved in her and Jeremy's business.

"Mr. Chester." Sherry greeted him politely when she saw him.

Chester walked to her directly and ignored Jeffery, "Off work? Let's go. I have something to discuss with you. "

Stunned, Sherry glanced at Jeffery.

Jeffery also cast a few glances at Chester. He stopped looking at him and felt Sherry's eyes. He looked back at her.

"Let me drive you home." Said Jeffery.

His voice was very soft, but with a stubborn and firm will. "I said first, I will send you."

Feeling embarrassed, she took a glance at Chester.

Noticing the embarrassment between them, Chester said, "It's about the commercial design. I have something to tell you."

In her heart, Sherry was impressed by Chester's wisdom. He finally could help her find a step down.

"Since it's about the company, I'll go first. You can go first!" Sherry said to Jeffery.

Jeffery didn't change the expression on his face, but he felt very sad in his heart.

Sherry also felt a little embarrassed. She nodded at Jeffery in a sincere manner and got on the car with Chester.

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