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   Chapter 374 Have We Been Married

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Frowning, Sherry looked at her. As expected, she could never let go of the knot in her heart, and kept living in the past forever.

"I've told you all those things. About him... You didn't believe me and put the blame on others! " Sherry said flatly.

Sometimes, she felt pity for Linda, who was so important about love.

"Oh, what qualification do you have to say that to me??" Linda sneered, putting on a hideous look on her face.

"You also did that at that time, didn't you? You love Jeremy so much. You are not qualified to judge me. " Linda raised her voice.

Linda's voice echoed in the corridor. Upon hearing it, Jeremy's heart tightened as if he was going to suffocate.

He looked at Sherry incredibly, and Sherry's expression was as usual. It seemed that she didn't love him as Linda had told her. She didn't love him to the point of death.

On the other hand, when Jeffery heard this, his face became colder and colder than before.

"You loved Jeremy in such a humble way, but you only got a divorce agreement in the end." Linda looked at Sherry with irony.

Under Linda's sarcasm, Sherry looked calm. Others could look down upon her and laugh at her, but she herself couldn't.

Her past with Jeremy had already been ruined. But why did Linda have to mention it?

""I'm very good at Ou Group. Sometimes, even Jeremy treats me very well, but how about you. Look at you!"

However, Sherry could only live in a poor life abroad. At that time, Jeremy didn't remember her and didn't love her any more..

A moment of blankness appeared in Sherry's eyes, but soon she came back to her senses.

She seemed to have never lost her mind, as if she had been so calm.

She didn't say anything and just let Linda keep provoking her.

At a short distance, Jeremy stared at Sherry's face, wanting to figure out something different.

But no, she seemed to have always been so calm, and she seemed to have never loved anyone, not as Linda said, to love him with all her heart and soul!

"You're much more pathetic than I am. At this moment, you love him so much that he doesn't even remember you at all!" In the end, Linda had to speak with a very sharp tone, which could pierce people's heart.

Sherry felt that her heart, which had healed a long time ago, seemed to be uncovered the scar again.

However, she was good at disguising herself. She could accept it easily even if someone said the most vicious words to her in front of her.

All these years are like this. Ten years are just like one day.

However, Jeremy, who were just stood in a secret place seemed to hear the biggest secret of his life.

Sherry kept denying all the time, but he found the past they once loved from other people over and over again.

Jeremy's heart ached at the sight of Sherry. He once again saw the calmness on her face.

What on earth had she experienced to become who she is today? What happened in the past? Why did she refuse to admit it what happened in the past!

"Really?" Finally, Sherry spoke. Under the repeated attacks of Linda, she finally spoke lightly.

Upon hearing her answer, Jeremy was stunned. He looked at her red lips and waited for what she was going to say.

"So what?" Sherry said with a cold smile.

Upon hearing he

Jeremy's tone suddenly became sarcastic and he looked her up and down.

Linda had a delicate face and was indeed a rare beauty.

Unfortunately, she was not the kind of woman he liked. His heart seemed to have been filled with Sherry, and there was no other women.

Linda's body was trembling. Her hands and clothes were tugging together, trying to say something.

"We, we have a past!" She bit her lips, swallowed and finally said.

"What past?" Jeremy frowned and asked.

Linda would never forget the past. As Sherry said, she always lived in the past and thought about the past.

"We, we were.. You are indeed... " She didn't know what to say. She felt it hard to speak it out.

However, Jeremy didn't interrupt her. He just stared at her quietly, indicating that she could go on talking.

Linda's eyes became a little red, and she looked wronged. "We did have a relationship. I was pregnant with your child, but later, our child was killed by Sherry!"

Suddenly, she lost control and her voice trembled.

At first, Jeremy didn't believe her more. After all, Sherry couldn't him tell the truth, and that couldn't be more true from Zoe.

However, Linda told him such a shocking thing. He didn't believe it at all.

"It was Sherry. She loved you, but you didn't love her. She was jealous of you, so she pushed me, and then I lost my baby..."

As Linda spoke, she couldn't hold back her tears anymore, which poured down her cheeks.

She wiped her face very hard, but the more she wiped, the more pain she felt. At last, she couldn't stop it at all.

"That's not what I want to hear!" At last, Jeremy impatiently interrupted her.

Linda looked at Jeremy in surprise and shock. She asked in a hoarse voice, "Then what do you want to know?"

Wasn't this not enough to shock him, to hate Sherry?

"I am asking you the past I had with Sherry." Jeremy said flatly.

A look of resentment came over Linda's face, and her hands which were under the table clenched into fists.

The tears in her eyes stopped flowing as well, because her heart was filled with anger.

"I'm asking you, have I ever been married to Sherry?" Jeremy asked her suddenly.

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