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   Chapter 365 I Have Something To Talk With Elizabeth

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As soon as she appeared, the reporters off the stage kept taking pictures of her with their cameras.

The mask was worn, so only her lips, chin and eyes could be seen all over her face. Jeremy, who was sitting under the stage, noticed it. His lips twitched and thought that her mask was covered so tightly!

It seemed that what Sherry looked now, even if she admitted it in public, no one would recognize her.

The dressing style she was wearing was not her original style at all. Although it was also strange beauty on her, after all, it was not her style.

"Now let's welcome the advertising designer, Miss Elizabeth." Said Ina, full of passion under the stage.

When she just finished, a burst of applause broke out from the crowd.

Sherry's eyes swept down the stage, and found that there were Chester, Linda, Jeremy and Jeffery there.

It seemed that Linda had recovered from the injuries. But as she wore flat shoes, she still felt a little pain, so she didn't wear high-heeled shoes as usual.

Linda looked at her expectantly. It seemed that Linda really adored Elizabeth!

Chester had a smile on his face while Jeffery looked calm. However, for some reason, only a faint smile was shown on Jeremy's face.

Jeremy was trying to figure out what sort of speech Sherry would like to make so that no one would be able to recognize her voice.

But he didn't expect that Sherry would describe her design concept of the advertisement in English.

Her fluent English made it sound professional and authentic, and she specially lowered her voice.

The corners of Jeremy's mouth lifted into a smirk. He thought it was interesting.

The moment Elizabeth finished her speech, the journalists put forward many questions at once. Seeing this, Chester smiled from ear to ear.

At the same time, Jeremy glanced at Chester from the corner of his eye.

Chester was the organizer of the new product press conference. As usual, he wore a charming smile on his face. But he didn't know whether he could see that the modified woman on the stage was Sherry.

"Thank you very much for the coming advertisement designer, Miss Elizabeth, and for our wonderful speech!" The host of SZ Advertising Company came out, clapping his hands and said with a fervent voice.

People around them echoed his words. They applauded even more loudly.

"Next, let's invite Mr. Chester, President of SZ Advertising Company to the stage." The host said loudly.

After saying that, Sherry was about to leave the stage, but the host stopped her, as if he didn't want her to go down.

Sherry turned around to see Ina who was under the stage, Ina shrugged her shoulders to show her helplessness, and she also didn't know why there added such a section like this.

Under thunderous applause, Jeremy stepped onto the stage. He looked at Elizabeth with a gentle smile on his face.

Sherry's heart trembled. At that moment, she thought that Chester knew who she was.

Chester was just curious about Elizabeth. But he was a gentleman and would not ask rudely to see her.

Although Elizabeth had promised him to cooperate with his group, today was only their first formal meeting.

"Today's n

d and calmly said, "I'm fine."

Chester winked at Beisy, who understood what he meant. She asked someone to book a room for them and then took the woman who rushed to Sherry on the stage away.

"Why don't you take a rest?" Chester walked up to Sherry and suddenly grasped her arm when he saw her struggle to fall down.

At this moment, under the stage, Jeremy was staring at the hand of Chester.

He stood up from his seat with cold eyes.

Jeffery was confused when he saw Jeremy stand up.

Sherry let out a sigh. When she wanted to say that she was fine, Ina insisted on saying, "Yeah, I think you'd better have a rest. Anyway, all the things should be done last night have finished. Just now, you really scared me to death!"

Just now, there was a big bang. As Elizabeth's assistant, of course, Ina was the first person who cared about her most.

"We've already prepared the room for you to rest. Miss Elizabeth, please have a rest. We'll take care of everything here." Beisy went to the side of Sherry and said respectfully.

Hearing this, Sherry turned to look at Beisy. When she saw that there was a slight smile on the corner of her mouth and the worries in her eyes, she had to nod. "Thank you," she said

Supported by Chester and Ina, Sherry stepped down the stage. When Jeremy saw that and he was about to step over to the table, however, he was suddenly stopped by Barry, who said, "Mr. Jeremy, the company of the partner still needs you to be here to support it. Where are you going?"

Upon hearing him, Jeremy had no choice but to step back.

It was out of his control... He had no other choice but to watch Sherry leave with the help of Chester and Ina.

Beisy had already arranged a room for them. Chester directly led Sherry to that room, and then said to Ina, "Go ahead with your business!"

Ina was stunned and didn't react. "What?"

Sherry was also surprised by the order of Chester. She turned her head and looked at him.

Sensing the eyes of Sherry, Chester also looked at her. With a slight smile on his lips, he said to Ina, "I have something to talk with Miss Elizabeth."

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