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   Chapter 359 There Were Many Discussions (Part One)

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Jeffery pressed his lips and stared at Sherry, without saying a word.

With a smile, Sherry turned around and walked out of the meeting room.

She went back to the advertising department with her colleague and was supported by one of them. The colleague said worriedly, "I can buy some medicine for you. After all, it's not far away. There are drug stores downstairs."

Hearing this, Sherry thought for a while. She really suffered a lot now, and her work was heavy. It seemed that she had to bother her. "Thank you very much."

The colleague went to buy some contraceptives for her. And then Sherry went into the office and saw two bags on the desk.

She was a little surprised to see the bag on the table. She looked around and found that her colleagues were all busy with their work and no one looked over.

Whose bag was it? Why was the bag on her desk? 'she wondered.

She opened the bag and saw two boxes from the same brand. She immediately knew that they were clothes of the same brand.

Sherry was surprised to find that the two clothes were exactly the same in color when she opened the box.

There were two dresses, which were more formal uniforms. Sherry was curious who bought them for her?

Why did that person have to buy two?

She compared the clothes for a long time and finally chose a white one she liked and got changed in the bathroom.

When she got back to her office, she found the other clothes was still on the desk. She wondered who sent it to her.

She put the other bag into the drawer and sat down to work.

Her colleague bought her some medicine and was surprised to see her change her clothes. "You even brought some clothes to the company? Otherwise, don't

ront of Jeremy. They seemed to be discussing something.

After Sherry entered the office, there was no difference as before the way she walked. However, Jeremy still fixed his eyes on her scalded thigh.

Jeffery was about to go back to his office. When he heard from his secretary that Sherry was here, he made an excuse to stay here for a while.

As he expected, he saw Sherry coming in. She was still the same as usual, just in a different dress.

"These are the files I've collected after the meeting this morning." Sherry said, putting the remaining materials on Jeremy's table, without paying attention to him.

After a short while, Jeremy came to his senses and nodded at her dress.

It was the one Jeremy bought for her.

On the other side, Jeffery also saw the dress Sherry was wearing, which made his heart slightly painful.

The dress Sherry was wearing was the same style as the one he bought her, but it was not the same color as the one he bought her. So it was not the one he bought for her.

Jeffery felt disappointed, but he didn't show it on his face. And Sherry still wore an indifferent look on her face.

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