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   Chapter 313 Warning (Part One)

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Biting her lips, Sherry looked askance at him.

"It's okay now. You should have a good rest and get up early tomorrow." Jeremy squinted at her and said. He looked exhausted.

However, Sherry still kept her eyes wide open and stared askance at Jeremy.

"Do you want me to sing a song for you?" A playful smile crept onto his face.

He wouldn't sing any song, and even if he sang, Sherry wouldn't want to listen to it either. He just said it.

"Go to sleep if you don't want to hear it. See who will sleep first!" He rubbed his hands on her waist and said.

Sherry had already been very uneasy. When he rubbed the sand like this, she felt as if she got an electric shock all over her body and didn't dare to move.

'What a game? Who will fall asleep first? In order to make Kami and Lucas fall asleep early, she often pretended to be asleep every time. In fact, after Kami and Lucas fell asleep, she slowly fell asleep.

However, Jeremy was so tired that he got drowsy and was about to fall asleep, with Sherry in his arms.

She couldn't fall asleep in his arms for a whole night.

In the past, it had been a luxury for her to have someone in her arms, but now she just wanted to escape.

She was stiff all over, but her heart was about to melt. Tears welled up in her eyes. She closed her eyes to prevent them from falling down.

She tried to hold back her tears. She didn't want him to find anything wrong with her.

'Let bygones be bygones. I can't find a way to deal with him, ' she thought! She had to go as far as she could in front of Jeremy!

After stirring in the kitchen for a long time, Zoe finally made the delicious soup.

The chef fro


She was surprised. Did she sleep all night like this?

She turned her head and saw Zoe standing at the bedside, staring at her with red eyes.

Sherry knew that it would be terrible if Zoe saw this scene. After that, there must be a big conflict between them.

Although she thought so, she didn't care about it soon. She got out of Jeremy's arms.

However, before she got up, she saw that Jeremy frowned and seemed to be saying to the next Zoe: "Why are you..."

Before he could finish his words, Sherry saw Zoe's tearful eyes, and Zoe said, "You disappoint me so much!"

Then she ran out like a gust of wind.

Sherry was stunned for a moment and said lightly, "Go and chase her!"

She stood up and took her phone.

On the other side, Jeremy moved his arms and found that they were very sore. He gently rubbed his arms and looked at Sherry's back, wondering why he went after her?

He was never a womanizer. If he was a womanizer, he would spoil his women!

Sherry didn't know what he was thinking. She held the phone and looked at the screen of the phone. It was a call from Ina.

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