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   Chapter 305 Unexpected Guest (Part One)

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Kami and Lucas didn't like her at all. As soon as they saw her, they both puffed up their cheeks with displeasure.

She didn't expect that Jeremy was not happy at all about her coming.

She thought of her task, which was to ask Jeremy to promise to get married as soon as possible. It was an urgent matter and she couldn't wait any longer.

"I heard that you were injured. I was so worried about you!" With a pout, her eyes turned red.

Hearing her cry, Jeremy raised his head and saw her red face. He didn't ask her what happened just frowned and said, "I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

"I just heard from the hospital that she was seriously injured. Jeremy, how could you do this? If your father and grandpa knew it, they would be so worried! "

After that, she walked over to him and sat on the edge of the bed, holding his hand.

Her slight move made him feel very uncomfortable.

Kami and Lucas, however, were even more upset. They didn't like Zoe and didn't want her to be with someone they loved.

"Did you tell them?" Jeremy frowned and asked.

Zoe shook her head at once, "No. I will listen to you. If you don't allow me to say it, then I won't!"

She pretended to be a soft girl, but unfortunately, he was not interested in this kind of girl at all.

"I brought you the soup. I made it by myself. You should eat it while it is still hot." After that, she handed the vacuum cup to him...

As soon as she opened the vacuum cup, the aroma was overflowing.

Kami and Lucas were already hungry. They smelt the scent and was a little greedy, hoping that Sherry could come back soon.

At that time, Sherry came back. Worrying that they would be hungry for a long time, she bought some food from the cafeteria downstairs.

eir behaviors, but she didn't stop them.

Zoe stood up from the bed and looked at Sherry with hatred in her eyes.

She was mad and Sherry was always calm, which made her even angrier. She acted as if nothing had happened to her in front of Jeremy. Nobody knew who had just cursed her downstairs.

While walking out of the ward, Zoe looked back three times at a time. There were only four people left in an instant.

"Count me in?" At that moment, Jeremy suddenly lifted the quilt and was about to get out of bed.

With her back to Jeremy, Sherry suddenly heard a rustling sound on her back. On thinking that he was still in pain and his wound would be even hurt if he tried to move a little, she said in a cold voice, "Don't move. I'll bring it to you!"

After saying that, she passed the food she had prepared to him.

No matter what Zoe said to her, it seemed that she could never ignore Jeremy again.

Sherry was resentful for the sudden change in her mind, but she just couldn't control herself. As long as she thought of the idea that Jeremy took such a big risk to get out of the house and rescue her kids, she couldn't help being nice to him.

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