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   Chapter 232 Say Goodbye (Part Two)

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On hearing the name of Sherry, John was pissed off. And on hearing that it was related to his son's car accident, he became furious. "And then? What did that woman do again? "

"Miss Sherry went abroad this morning and I told boss about this. The plane would take off in only an hour, so he postponed the meeting and rushed to the airport. He ran a few red lights on the way, and then the car accident happened..." The bodyguard's voice became weak when he spoke.

John's face went red. As soon as the bodyguard finished, John stood up and clenched his fists.

He got nothing in his hand, or he would have thrown it out.

Zoe from her chair and looked at the bodyguard in surprise. "Are you sure? Why did you report it to Jeremy? Are you trying to kill him? "

The bodyguard's face was full of guilt and he lowered his head to accept her criticism. "I didn't expect such a thing to happen. I'm really sorry. I will resign."

John looked at him with a lunatic look and said, "You just want to resign? It's too easy for you!"

The bodyguard's heart sank, knowing that he would have a hard time in the future.

"It was all Sherry's fault. She brought so much trouble again and again. Now is she going to kill Jeremy?"

After saying that, Zoe even wanted to cry. She sat on the chair and her voice was choked with sobs.

As expected, her eyes turned red very soon. She couldn't help but wipe her face. "Jeremy, you're so stupid. You are willing to do anything for her."

However, in fact, Zoe was jealous to death in her mind.

In order to keep Sherry, Jeremy even almost lost his life just to get to the airport an

someone to investigate it. I don't like this. I will take good care of the child. We will live a happy life, and you must live a happy life too."

"The advertisement isn't worth the money. But it is all painstakingly created by me, as a compensation for your return and for the company's reputation loss."

"Hope see you again -- Sherry."

The smile on Chester's face slowly disappeared. He never thought that what he saw when he opened the e-mail was like this.

Was she leaving just like that? She made up her mind so firmly that he wouldn't know where she was either.

So was his birthday the last time they met?

He rubbed his forehead and blinked his eyes, unable to accept the fact that she had left!

She left without telling him. She only left the e-mail and went away with her children.

Did she know how difficult it was for her to live alone outside? What's more, she was just a woman. In a strange place, she lived the rest of her life alone without anyone to know. How painful would it be?

He took a deep breath, took out his phone and called up Sherry.

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