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   Chapter 229 The Departure (Part One)

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Sherry replied to the e-mail, "Okay, thank you very much. I'll go there in a short period of time. Then I'll talk about it in detail."

After sending the email, Sherry leaned back on the chair and breathed a sigh of relief.

In this case, she would have gotten her job and accommodation, but the house that Chester gave her...

Of course she didn't want to. Although she knew that it would hurt Chester's heart, she had her principles as a human being and wouldn't change it easily.

After ending the mailbox, Sherry opened a folder and saw her unfinished work.

There was nothing she could give to Chester, so she had to give him this new commercial design, which she had painstakingly created.

As a return to him! Though they hadn't known each other for a long time, they had witnessed the most difficult part of their lives together.

This word just needed a minor revision. She didn't finish it until late at night. She stretched herself and looked at her work with satisfaction.

In fact, the watch was just an ordinary birthday present, and the biggest surprise was still here. Chester didn't know that the advertisement she designed was for him, otherwise, it would be a surprise!

This was the last time for her to work hard for SZ Advertising Company. She had let down Chester's cultivation before, but now she wanted to make up for it with this advertisement design.

Opening the mailbox, she sent a timing email to Chester.

The finger paused on the keyboard. She did not know what to send, repeatedly deleted for a long time, and finally only sent a short sentence to him.

"Mr. Chester, thank you for your care an

nd wearing sunglasses, Sherry walked to the door. Suddenly, she stopped and turned her head to look at the room.

Everything was covered with white cloth, and the whole room was clean and white. Everything was put away except for sofa, table and chair.

Soon there would be no trace of popularity here.

There was a moment of trance in her eyes. She took a deep breath, opened the door and walked out of the room expressionlessly. Then she slammed the door, isolated herself from here.

Sherry wore a camel windbreaker, long black jeans and a pair of flat shoes. She was not eye-catching in the crowd. Her face was cold, as if the whole world was quiet leaving her alone.

It was a fast speed from her home to the airport by taxi. The car soon arrived at the suburb and stopped in front of the airport.

At this moment, Jeremy's phone rang.

He glanced at it with a serious and cold expression on his face. The employees dared not to breathe.

The person who sent the message was the one he sent to monitor Sherry. In the past two days, he was almost driven crazy by the messages.

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