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   Chapter 228 The Farewell

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Chester knew that she was under bad mood because of Linda.

Chester looked at her sadly. Suddenly, he reached out his hands and wanted to hold her hands to encourage her. But when his hands reached in front of her, he patted her on the shoulder again and said, "Come on!"

Sherry turned to look at him. When their eyes met, she smiled in relief.

"It's a pity that you can't work for me from now on." He pretended to be very regretful.

Sherry knew that he was joking. She said to him, "You should be happy to get rid of me, the bad guy."

"Don't talk about yourself like that," said Chester unhappily, his eyebrows knitted tightly

Sherry bit her lips and lowered her head, without saying anything.

Chester was softhearted, and he didn't want to hear Sherry say such words to belittle herself. In his eyes, Sherry was a goddess.

"I really feel sorry for that," Chester added.

Sherry brushed her hair aside and picked up the chopsticks to pick up food. "I'm just kidding! I know you won't think so. "

He rolled his eyes at her and stood up suddenly.

Sherry looked at him going upstairs and shouted surprisingly behind him, "Hey, we haven't finished our meal. Is there any other program?"

He didn't say anything and went downstairs after a while.

He was holding a folder in his hand. As he walked, with a smile on his face, he said, "There is no other program, but one surprise."

Hearing this, Sherry curled her lips and kept looking at the folder in his hand. She asked in confusion, "What is it?"

Sitting on a chair, he handed the folder to her and said, "Open it and you'll know."

Sherry obediently opened the folder and saw the words on it. The curiosity on her face immediately disappeared. The more she looked at the back, the colder her face became.

"This is a foreign house. I've already found one for you." He looked into her eyes and said in a soft voice.

Looking at the property certificate and the photos and data about the house behind it, a sudden feeling of palpitation came to Sherry's heart.

"The house is good. Don't worry. You can stay here to live in the future." Chester reached out and turned to the pages of the files in the folder with his slender fingers.

He prepared everything for her, and even found a house for her.

Sherry felt grieved, and there was a surge of panic.

"Thank you, Mr. Chester." Thanked Sherry in a hoarse voice. She dared not to look up at him.

"You just need to..." Chester smiled. But before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Sherry.

"I'm sorry. I influenced your company and ruined your reputation, but you are still so nice to me." Sherry said flatly.

She didn't know what to say. It seemed that no thanks would be useful. Now she just felt moved with tears in her eyes.

"It was my own willing to be so good to you. Affected by you, I am most willing to be." There was no trace of anger in his tone.

Whenever she was with him, she was always moved.

Chester always looked after her silently and always put her in the first place after he did a lot of things.

"But I can't give you anything

e longer?" He stood up immediately and tried to stop her.

Sherry stared at the phone on the tea table and said speechlessly, "There must be a lot of people asking you out. I see that you have hung up several calls. I'd better not take up too much of your time!"

Chester frowned. He had just hung up a few phone calls. Although he looked very calm, Sherry who was very careful still noticed that.

"Just let them wait. Don't worry." He turned off his phone directly.

Sherry shook her head and limped to the door. "No, I'm going home."

Chester looked at her back with some regret. He had no choice but to put on his coat, "I'll drive you back."

They went out together. The ground was a little wet. It seemed that it had just rained. When the dim light shone on the ground, the figures of two people who were side by side drew out.

"It seems that your ankle is badly injured. Do you need me to hold you?" He looked at her feet worriedly.

Sherry shook her head and refused, "No, it's not that serious. I'll be fine after a sleep."

Chester couldn't help laughing, "It doesn't look like a cold."

Sherry closed her mouth and didn't say anything.

As soon as they arrived home, Chester had to send her home and sit on the sofa before he left.

Sherry sat on the sofa and rubbed her ankle. In fact, it didn't hurt that much as before. Anyway, it was nothing compared to the injury that Jeremy had suffered.

Humans are always like that. Only after they left did they know to cherish.

If Jeremy had a strong trust in her, how could they get to this point?

Heaving a long sigh of relief, Sherry stood up and went to the study.

As soon as she opened her computer, she heard the alert tone. She opened the email, and it was from a studio in the United States.

Sherry had talked to them yesterday, and today they sent a more formal email.

"Hello, Miss Sherry. The studio has arranged accommodation for you. You can talk about details about your salary in person. And I sincerely welcome you."

The studio also left the phone number and the address.

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