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   Chapter 227 The Last Work

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Hearing this, Sherry furrowed her eyebrows helplessly and rubbed her feet. When she looked at Chester so close, she gradually calmed down. "Of course I am afraid of pain. But today is your birthday. It's all my fault that I sprained my ankle at such a bad time."

He helped her sit down and said, "I've told you, I'll cook for you. Have a good rest and we'll eat together later."

Sherry smiled. She had no choice but to do that.

That's it. Chester was her friend. He helped her a lot when she was in the company. Now she was going to leave. Maybe this was the last time they had dinner together.

From now on, she would not get him in trouble, nor let him live in the limelight. When Sherry left, everything would return to its original state.

No one would get hurt. No company's interests would be damaged. Everything would be on the right track.

Not knowing what was on her mind, he put the medicine cabinet away and headed to the kitchen, saying, "Call me if you need anything."

Raising her voice, Sherry agreed. Sitting on the sofa alone, she looked at the busy figure in the kitchen.

She turned her head and saw the TV remote on the tea table.

Since she had nothing to do and felt bored, she turned on the TV.

The changing channels were soap operas. After watching a few times, she felt boring, and finally turned to the financial channel that she was most interested in.

After a while, she suddenly saw Linda's name appear again.

Seeing this, Sherry was nervous. She kept her eyes on the TV.

Finally, the next piece of news came. It was about the ad design competition held last time, and the international company announced the list of designers who had been shortlisted.

There was Linda's name.

Seeing this, Sherry's heart sank slowly. Needless to ask, there was definitely not her name. But what she knew, she still went on watching the names one after another.

The scene was switched to Linda. She was wearing a black suit with a smile on her face. She looked like a typical strong elite.

"Miss Linda, do you have any comments on the competition?" A journalist asked.

It's the opening remarks. Linda answered with a smile, "I'm glad to get into the finals, and I'm confident in this competition. It's not surprising."

Her supercilious remarks made the journalists present heave a deep sigh and congratulate her.

On the other side, Sherry was watching the television. There was a hint of coldness in her eyes.

After a few minutes of chitchat, a reporter began to talk in a sharp tone, "Miss Linda, your good friend, Sherry, was officially announced to be disqualified by the authority. What's your opinion on this matter?"

Hearing this, Sherry stopped thinking and looked at Linda quietly.

Linda looked ordinary and spoke with a smile on her face, "Sherry... Is no longer my friend. "

All the reporters

ipated in the competition before were not finished yet."

He tilted his head to her and said, "It's just... The competition of this international company? "

When asking, he was still thinking about how to say.

After all, the matter had a great impact on Sherry, not only on the competition, but also on what Linda had done. Sherry's heart was broken by what she had done.

Sherry performed easily, but her heart was heavy. "Yes, because I was disqualified from the initial selection, the following design was not released."

"So, what's your plan?"

"I intend to finish this work before leaving. After all, I have put a lot of efforts on it."

He nodded to show his support to her. In fact, whatever she did, he supported her.

Sherry took a few bites, and the taste of the dishes spread in her mouth. After she watched TV, she had no appetite to eat, but Chester was so good at cooking that she ate a lot more.

"I have another better idea. When it comes out, it will definitely be an excellent one," Said Sherry with a smile.

He appreciated her confidence and talent.

In fact, it was very difficult for a woman to do this, especially after she had got married with someone, she didn't know much about the business field.

"You will." Said Chester.

Sherry stopped looking at the dishes on the table, and her eyes were very firm. "My reputation was still damaged a lot, and now my life had been destroyed. However, I don't want to leave any regret for this work."

In fact, it didn't matter whether she finished it or not. No one would care about how amazing her work was. Everyone would only remember that she was a plagiarist who caused her best friend's miscarriage.

"Now I'm notorious. Maybe it's the last work that I won't regret in my terrible domestic design career!" After saying that, Sherry curved her lips.

It seemed that she could only force a smile at this moment.

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