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   Chapter 223 Get Injured Again (Part One)

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The goods in the cart fell on the ground freely, with boxes all over the ground. When Jeremy held Sherry in his arms just now, he felt a sharp pain in his arm due to a heavy blow.

Sherry fixed her clothes and looked up at Jeremy. He was a little nervous as his hands were always drooping on both sides.

"What are you doing? Do you know how dangerous it was? If it were a child, he would have been crushed to death by these strange things. " Zoe looked at Jeremy from head to toe and yelled at the staff.

The staff kept on apologizing, "I'm really sorry. This will never happen again. We will pay for your medical bills."

Jeremy shook his head and replied indifferently, "I'm fine."

It was not until this moment that the staff let out a sigh of relief and said, "That's so good to hear that you're all right. To show our apology, we will buy you a watch as a gift."

Zoe snorted and said in a sharp voice, "Who wants your wristwatch? If he is hurt, you don't want the whole store! "

Sherry looked at Jeremy. Although he looked as if nothing had happened, she heard the muffled hum he had just made.

It must be his arm that hit something. It was so heavy that it happened to hit at the corner. It was impossible that he didn't get hurt.

She ignored the shop assistant, nor was she in the mood to stop Zoe from making her quiet. She just gritted her teeth and moved, but her foot was so painful that she almost fell down to the ground just for one step.

Jeremy walked to her side and held her arm with one hand. He said in a cold voice, "You are injured!"

On the other hand, Sherry put a hand on his arm, shook her head and replied, "I'm fine. What about you?"

Jeremy released her hand. He moved his lips but didn't say

o him, didn't know what had happened. When she reacted, Sherry was already in his arms. And the heavy objects hit his arms and hurt.

It was painful. But it was better than hurting Sherry.

After he finished speaking, he felt the shock of Sherry, but he didn't stop his steps. Instead, he just waved his hand in the back. Seeing that, Zoe immediately followed him.

Standing behind him, Sherry looked at him quietly. "Then thank you. I'm really sorry."

While walking forward, Jeremy added, "No need for that. Just thank Zoe!"

With his help, Zoe said worriedly, "Be careful. Let me help you."

Jeremy turned his head and said to Zoe in a soft voice, "See how important you are to me."

Zoe was surprised. Jeremy would never talk to her in such a tone!

Her heart was beating fast. Her care for Jeremy was more than that for her.

Downcast, Sherry didn't keep up with them but quietly watched their receding figures.

Then, Zoe turned her head, looked at Sherry, smiled triumphantly and left the shopping mall with Jeremy.

Sherry swallowed, feeling a bit bitter in her mouth and in her heart. She seemed to be nailed on the spot, speechless.

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