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   Chapter 222 Care For Her (Part Two)

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"I've bought it. I won't bother you anymore." Taking the card and bag from the waiter, she was about to go outside.

However, as soon as she reached out her hand and was about to leave, Zoe stopped her and said with a smile, "What did you buy? Would you mind showing it to me? "

Of course I do! Before she could finish her words, Zoe snatched the bag from her hand.

"Wow! What a beautiful watch! Who bought it for?" Zoe pretended to be surprised as she took out the watch from the box.

Didn't you just buy one which is more beautiful and expensive than this one? Now you are here to put on an act? Sherry was scornful of her in her heart.

Jeremy frowned and looked at the watch.

"I see. It must be bought for Chester. The news about you and him has gone viral. Now you are so generous to buy him a gift. You must have a good relationship!"

As she spoke, a look of blessing was shown on her face, but her eyes were full of provocation.

At first, Jeremy was expressionless. But after hearing her words, he became depressed.

It was also out of Sherry's expectation that the big mouth of Zoe was so eloquent. It was indeed a birthday present for Chester.

But she just bought a watch. Was it necessary to say that so ambiguously?

"Cut the crap!" Said Sherry lightly. Then she grabbed the bag in Zoe's hand and put the watch back into the bag.

Pretending to be innocent, Zoe pouted and said, "Did I say anything wrong? Don't you have a close relationship with Chester? You are still on TV... "

"Enough!" Sherry didn't want to listen to her and stopped her.

She took a quick glance at Jeremy next to Zoe.

His breath quickened

she opened her eyes was Jeremy's eyes.

He frowned with eyes full of worry. But soon he calmed himself down as if everything was just right. He just saved a stranger.

Sherry fell in his arms and was held tightly by him. For some reason, she felt that her whole body was full of strength.

"God, Jeremy, are you all right?" Seeing this scene, Zoe was so shocked that she threw away the bag in her hand and rushed over.

Both of Sherry and Jeremy were shocked by her scream and came back to their senses.

Jeremy immediately let go of Sherry and pushed her forward. Sherry almost lost her balance, and fortunately she leaned on the wall at the back.

But she felt that her right ankle had been twisted and it was painful.

"How is it going? Did anyone get hurt? " The employee in the shopping cart rushed over to see what happened, and the staff of the watch store also surrounded her and asked with concern.

The goods in the cart fell on the ground freely, with boxes all over the ground. When Jeremy held Sherry in his arms just now, he felt a sharp pain in his arm due to a heavy blow.

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