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   Chapter 214 What The Hell Is She Capable Of (Part Two)

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"I know they must have done a lot of harm to my house even without seeing." Sitting on the sofa, Sherry said in relief.

Exactly what they wanted to do was to make Sherry disappear from this world.

If one day, they wouldn't let go of Sherry when she became a beggar and no one pitied her!

There was a dull pain in Sherry's heart. The child brought up by her stepmother was really pitiful.

"I'll ask someone to do your room." Saying that, he took out his phone from his pocket.

"No, thanks." Sherry hastily stopped him. She also looked at the door, where there was a lot of messy things.

"I'll clean it up myself later." She said.

He walked to her and said softly, "It doesn't matter. You should have a good rest. You can ask others to do these things. After all, you can't move the heavy things alone."

Sherry didn't say anything, but looked at him firmly.

Jeffery was speechless. He wanted to say something to her, but he said, "Okay, I'll help you."

In this case, Sherry seemed to have no reason to refuse again, and had to reluctantly nod.

After walking out of the room, he took a look at it. Then he rolled up his sleeves and started to clean up.

Sherry stood up and stood behind him, watching him carefully clean up the room. He looked like a bookish scholar with fair skin and slim figure, but he was very attentive in clearing up things.

"Don't throw it away!" When Jeffery was packing, he suddenly heard Sherry shouting.

In his hands was a broken wooden horse. It was used to be a small piece. But now it was broken.

"You want to keep it?" Jeffery asked, placing this wooden horse in his hand.

Sherry carefully watched it and her heart ached.

idn't hear my phone."

As soon as he stopped, a cold hum was heard from his father, who was obviously angry, and he asked, "You're having dinner with a friend. Which friend?"

Jeffery frowned. He hated those questions that would interfere with his private life. He didn't want to be monitored all the time.

"My classmate." Said Jeffery.

"Nonsense!" Outraged, his father scolded in a low voice, "Do you think I don't know you are having dinner with Sherry?"

Sure enough, he knew. Jeffery's heart sank. Since he knew, why did he ask so many questions?

Thinking of what Zoe and her mother had said before, Jeffery knew very well that it was they who informed his father. The two women who liked gossiping were indeed very annoying!

"Yes." Jeffery admitted reluctantly.

"Why did you get involved with a woman like her? Are you familiar with her? " Asked his father.

His father didn't know what had happened before, but he just didn't understand why Jeremy was inexplicably close to Sherry, even though Jeffery was fascinated by her.

What on earth was this woman capable of to make his two sons bewitched?

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