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   Chapter 154 What The Hell Is She Capable Of (Part One)

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Anna walked towards the door with Zoe. She still refused to give in. "Sherry, although I wasn't successful today, rest assured that I will make sure your life is miserable. As for the house, I will definitely be back!"

Sherry was so amused by the lunacy of Anna that she let out a snort.

Sherry turned and looked at her with a smile. "Well, I'd like to see if you can get rid of me!"

Sherry's eyes were chilling even through her smile. Anna started getting uneasy just looking at them.

"Well, we'll see!" sneered Anna coldly.

They turned around and strode out of the room.

Following Anna, Zoe walked up to Sherry, glared at her fiercely and said, "I won't let you off!"

Sherry sighed. Happy days were difficult to come by recently.

"You need to take care of yourself first before caring about others!" Sherry said impatiently.

Zoe sniggered. She was clearly annoyed and turned her attention to Jeffrey, looking him up and down.

"Your downfall will be soon too!" Zoe said in a low voice. He frowned and looked up, only to see that Zoe had already left.

Sherry started feeling weak and felt like she was about to fall.

She leaned against the wall. When Jeffery saw her struggling to stand, he quickly held her.

"Sherry, come sit down," said Jeffery, worried.

Sherry lowered her head and winced. Looking up at Jeffery again, she smiled faintly and said, "Don't worry. I'm fine."

Jeffery frowned and fixed his eyes on her, and said, "Are you okay now?"

She just felt completely heartbroken, but

t that fragile! It's not serious," Sherry said while drinking some water.

He stood up from the sofa, and his eyes filled with rage again.

"I want to see what they've done elsewhere," Jeffery said after he scanned the living room.

She didn't really care about anything else. This house was her last ounce of support. Even if she didn't admit it, she really cared about it

If she lost her home, where would she sleep? Where would she go? Which place could protect her?

Sherry nodded and said, "Okay."

When he went to the study, all the books on the bookshelf had been knocked down, and there were books all over the floor. The files were scattered on the desk, and the lamp lay smashed and bent.

The bedroom was the messiest one. Perhaps it was the first room that Zoe and her mother saw when they came in!

"What a tragedy! The whole house is destroyed," he said helplessly, exiting the bedroom.

They had destroyed everything! They definitely wanted to completely rip away any comfort that Sherry had.

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